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Halloween Baby Shower-Everything You Need to Know

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Halloween baby shower! What a fun idea to make a whole day about one pregnant mama and have an epic time. The point of baby showers is to celebrate the baby but more the mother-to-be, so if the mommy of the day is into the fun stuff, this is going to epic. There is a whole lot of things you can do with this theme. So take a notepad and get planning.

Halloween doesn’t have to be around the corner to plan a Halloween baby shower; this theme is an all-time winner. You can do crazy dress ups, have delish Halloween themed fingers foods and the decorations, there is so much to talk about.

What You’ll Need for Your Halloween Baby Shower


Get a scary monster pushing a baby stroller on a lovely card. I think that would say it all on there. If your mom of the day has a sense of humor, this should crack her up and make it in the box of keepsakes.


The word ‘Halloween’ pretty much covers it. Get out all your Halloween decorations and get the creative juices flowing. But remember you are aiming for a scary Halloween baby shower, but it should not reflect anything like the sets of the movie Saw if your mom of the day is sensitive.

The ideal décor would be Halloween scary with a punch line of humor. Pumpkins with pacifiers are a huge laugh and a hit with the guests. Pumpkins labels mommy and cut out on the front with a tiny pumpkin labeled baby are another hit.

The banner that says ‘baby shower’ is a must. Or better yet, make a banner that says ‘Little Pumpkin’ will be grand. Get crafty and DIY. Get as many balloons as possible. While balloons are not very Halloween-y, they are very baby shower-y. If your mom of the day like it elegant even on Halloween, then make sure the decoration is just how she likes it. It is after all, all about her.


Now, when I say Halloween baby shower, don’t all go dressed as mothers. But yes, dressed as mothers in cartoon characters or anything along those lines will be an epic display to the theme.

If the shower is a surprise, then get a costume for the mom to be. Put on your thinking hat and get creative. How about something like this:


Pregnancy themed cakes are on the rise. There is the whole placenta cake (not made of placentas) and others, but try not to make the cake too crazy following the theme. It should still look
appealing to eat.

You can do diaper cakes, stroller on top of cake, bottles and if you really want to jump out of the box and make the cake a centerpiece then go for it. There are a whole lot of cake designs and cake ideas you will find for a Halloween themed baby shower.


Unless nausea and morning sickness doesn’t leave your mom of the day alone, a pregnant woman loves food. Some crave spicy, and others want all the sugar in the world. So it is essential you have a food table filled with incredible, absolutely finger licking delicious food. And of course, unless you are going for a more vintage kind of thing, snacks and finger foods should do the trick.

Whatever you end up deciding just keep your VIP’s taste and cravings in mind. You can make sandwiches and cut them with molds to look like fingers. Literal finger sandwiches. You can make cookies with eyes and Dracula teeth and cupcakes with tiny baby figurines on them. There are a whole lot of appetizers and snacks recipes you can try around the Halloween and baby shower theme.

Although a dessert table is an excellent idea and is also easy to work with themes, just don’t overdo it. Too much sugar may put the whole food off. Also, put labels on the food with a Halloween theme so that your guests can enjoy a laugh while they munch.

The drinks! Needless to say, this will be the one Halloween party with any booze because…well, Halloween baby shower but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some punch. You can do that classic if you like: a red punch to mimic blood or you can serve transparent punch and label it amniotic fluid. I would like to see how many guests actually pull a face or gag at the name of it.

Picture props

Take as many pictures as possible. Trust me when I say this. Mom of the day might not feel up to it or whatever, but she will cherish these forever. These never fail with the guests.

Party favors and gift bags

There is a whole lot you can do. One epic Halloween baby shower favor idea is beautifully wrapped pumpkin spice cake pops.

Colored theme

It’s a baby shower, and pinks and blues tend to make a big part of it. If you don’t want to do the mainstream but still want colors representing the gender of the baby (if known), then you can do the inside of the cake accordingly. Pink sponge for baby girl and blue for a baby boy. If mom knows the sex of the baby but hasn’t made it public yet, the baby shower is a great occasion to make the announcement with a gender reveal cake!

Halloween baby shower games

In all honesty, a baby shower is a fail without games. Get the gags with ridiculous games and plan a whole bunch of them. Get out the diapers and bottles and baby spoons and don’t hold anything back.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Get diapers and smash chocolate in them. The guests will have to taste the chocolate and guess which one is it.
  • Bingo is a great printable Halloween baby shower game. Do this before the gift opening and have your guests guess what gifts the mom-to-be will receive.
  • Get plain white onesies and T-shirts. Make a decoration table all laden with fabric paints, brushes, and fabric markers and asks your guests to decorate onesies with the Halloween theme for the baby. These are so cute that you might just die. Later the mom can have all the onesies from the shower woven together for remembrance.
  • Get pumpkins and have all your guests decorate them. You can put all the decked out pumpkins together and take pictures with them.
  • If your guests like word games, then word scramble is a great crowd pleaser.
  • Fill up on bottles with red punch. The guests will have to drink the bottles through the nipple (no exception) and the first to finish wins.

If the dates coincide and you end up throwing the baby shower on Halloween, then it sure will stand out. But if Halloween doesn’t seem to get here faster and you really want to go for it, then don’t hold back. So best friends, sisters, husbands and everyone else- get planning a Halloween baby shower for your loved one!



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