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Throwing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is always a lot of fun, but nothing compares to a Valentine’s Day baby shower! It’s the best time of year to celebrate the new little love that will be entering your lives!

Celebrating the theme of love is easier when Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a little work to do! If you want to throw the perfect Valentine’s Day Baby Shower, you have to consider all the details.

Here are a bunch of ideas you can use to make sure that all your guests are wowed when they walk through the door. From the theme to the cake and decorations, we’ll make sure you throw a February baby shower that they’ll never forget.

Valentine’s Day baby shower theme ideas

Throwing a baby shower during any holiday can help take the pressure off your shoulders when it comes to choosing the perfect theme. That’s definitely the case with a Valentine’s Day baby shower.

You can get specific with the theme, but it’s really best to keep things simple. A heart themed baby shower is incredibly easy to decorate, especially because you can pepper in other details that will still match the theme.

Of course, if the shower is for a little boy, you could still use a heart theme using blue as the primary color instead of red! However, if you want to get a bit more specific, consider a cupid-themed baby shower, or even a candy themed baby shower.

If you want to keep things classy, consider making red roses the centerpiece of your party.

Valentine’s themed baby shower invitations

Once you’ve committed to the theme of Valentine’s Day for your baby shower, you have to figure out what kind of invitations you’re going to send. The easiest way to get the exact invitation you want is to purchase one with your theme in mind.

This is a great example of an invite you can purchase that matches the theme of Valentine’s baby shower perfectly.

Rectangular shaped invitations get the job done, but why not have a little more fun with an unexpected invitation shape? This cute invitation communicates Valentine’s theme but is shaped like a onesie.

Valentine’s Day baby shower decorations

Once all your guests have received their invitation, they will be looking forward to seeing how you’ve carried out Valentine’s Day theme when they arrive! That means finding some show-stopping decoration ideas.

Garland is an easy way to decorate your space. Cut hearts out of paper or felt, glue them to string, and hang them on the wall.

If that sounds like a little too much work, you can always buy them on Etsy(1).

Of course, no party is complete without balloons! By adding a few silk flowers to the bottom of balloons that are filled with helium, you can give off some serious Valentine’s vibes.

Don’t forget about the centerpieces! Simple hurricane vases filled with little rosebuds and candles can make great centerpieces.

You can even fill the vases with candy hearts instead. If you’re worried about the open flame, choose battery operated candles.

Valentine’s Day baby shower food

Setting the scene for the perfect Valentine’s Day baby shower by using the right decorations is important, but your guests will be awfully grumpy if they don’t have something to eat.

Instead of setting out a bowl of candy hearts, jazz them up by turning them into strawberry cream Valentine melts! They also make the perfect treat to package up and send home with your guests.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a very good idea too. Not only are they tasty, but they’re also easy to make, and they provide the perfect finger food for nearly any party.

While you’re at it, dip a few pretzels in chocolate to provide guests with a bit of a crunch.

Sweets make the perfect treat, but it’s important that you set out some more nutritious options as well. A lot of different kinds of foods can be cut into heart shapes, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your theme.

A cheese and cracker plate makes a great snack. Sandwiches can be cut into heart shapes if guests will be staying for lunch or dinner.

Valentine’s Day baby shower cake

No celebration is complete without a cake! To save time, order a cake from your local bakery.

They will have many styles and options to choose from that would be perfect for your Valentine’s Day baby shower. If you’re a bit of a baker yourself, you can try one of these homemade ideas instead.

Creating a heart-shaped cake is a lot easier than you think! Using one square baking dish and one round baking dish, and with a little frosting and sprinkles, you can make this cake in no time at all.

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, try this cake roll. Not only is it tasty, but your guests will wonder how you got the heart inside!

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, nothing is easier than making cupcakes. They can even be made using a cake mix from your local grocery store!

Make sure they fit the theme by sprinkling the top of each cupcake with heart-shaped sprinkles.

Valentine’s Day baby shower games

Now that your guests are full, you can have a little fun with a few games. Choose a variety of games that are comfortable for everyone in attendance.

The best showers have a few passive games that introverted guests can play, as well as a few friendly games that are perfect for more extroverted guests.

One of the easiest games to play with guests is figuring out how many candies are in a container. Use candy hearts or chocolate kisses.

Place them in a glass bottle, mason jar, or fill a giant vase.

Play a game of what’s on your phone. It’s a surprisingly fun and easy way for your guests to find things they have in common, making it an especially good game if many of your guests don’t know each other very well.

Have guests write down one thing they love about the mom-to-be, then pull them out of a jar and read them anonymously. You could also have guests write down their favorite piece of parenting advice.

For a little extra fun, teach all your guests how to fold their note in the shape of a heart!

Valentine’s Day baby shower music

So, you’ve set the scene with beautiful decorations, provided guests with something to eat, and you have a few games planned. The only thing left to complete the mood is playing the right music.

It’s all about finding your favorite tunes that are all about love. With so many love songs, that shouldn’t be too hard!

You can also sprinkle in a few songs that use ‘baby’ in the title. Make things even easier by playing a themed mix on YouTube.

Classical music also works quite well.

Make your Valentine’s Day baby shower all your own

Personal touches can make all the difference, no matter what kind of baby shower you’re planning. With these Valentine’s Day baby shower ideas, you’ll throw a meaningful, unforgettable party that the mother-to-be will never forget.




Reese Leyva is a first-time mom whose countless hours of reading about and researching pregnancy, birth, and gentle/respectful parenting have led her to one inevitable conclusion - moms and babies are amazing! When she's not writing or studying to complete her certification as a Childbirth Educator, she's playing in the dirt with her super cool infant daughter or cooking alongside her nifty artist husband.
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