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6 Easy Easter Pregnancy Announcements Ideas

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With Easter quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare those Easter pregnancy announcements!

Announcing your pregnancy is an exciting part of the pregnancy process, and announcing during a holiday makes for an even more joyful event.

Easter is a holiday full of family, fun colors, yummy chocolate, and pretty eggs. With so much to work with, your reveal should wow your family and delight your friends. Read on to get some great ideas on how to surprise everyone you know, either in person or through pictures with your Easter pregnancy announcements.

Take advantage of all of the Easter egg

Plan an Easter egg hunt but involve your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, or whoever else you are wanting to surprise. Maybe even the father if you are keeping a big secret! Place a simple piece of paper stating your due date and baby’s “last name” in one of the eggs. You can even plan who gets to find this egg and open it up. Just don’t forget to film the exciting reveal!

Make a baby Easter basket

Put together an adorable Easter basket to gift to whomever you choose–most likely your parents. Start the basket with some regular Easter gifts like candy and a card, but include some baby hints for them to find as they dig in. Baby bunny ears, an infant bib with an Easter design, baby carrots, or the more obvious ultrasound photo would work. This is one of the more subtle Easter pregnancy announcements, but it will still bring a smile to the receiver’s face.

Use all of the pastel Easter colors

If you already know the gender of your baby and you are ready to spill the beans, the pretty colors of Easter are perfect for the big reveal. Either buy all pink or all blue candy, cards, balloons, napkins, plates, etc. Gift it to family or set up an Easter-themed meal or photo shoot with your announcement to show to family and friends.

Include any older siblings

This doesn’t apply to every couple, but if you already have a child (or children) you’ll probably want the entire family in on the Easter pregnancy announcements. Give your other kids bunny ears or costumes, or even dress them up in their Easter best. You can set them in an Easter themed backyard complete with baskets, eggs, flowers, and the announcement itself. Snap away to get a great picture for a cute card.

Word play

It may be a bit cheesy, but the phrase, “egg-specting” can’t be used every day. Take advantage of this and you can create a scene with Easter eggs for a wonderful card or social media post. This is an egg-cellent way to announce pregnancy at Easter.

Play with the due date

Math may not be your forte’, but a baby announcement around Easter means a birth around Halloween. You can take pastel-dyed Easter eggs and decorate them with bats or black cats, or place Easter eggs in a basket of orange and black.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement, Ideas and Inspiration, Egg Hunt

These creative Easter pregnancy announcements will not only be adorable and festive, but they are memorable and fun. Take advantage of the festivities around and your baby will steal the show. Remember that Easter is a colorful, family-oriented time and if the timing is right for you, you won’t regret using this holiday to make your special announcement.

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