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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Moms

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Holiday season is slowly approaching, and the first among the holidays we’re  anticipating with excitement is Halloween!

If you’re pregnant and already have a little one to dress for Halloween, why not celebrate with matching Mom and Baby/Toddler costumes? Halloween costumes for pregnant moms are already fun. Matching your costume to your older child’s will make the holiday even more memorable!

And if your child is old enough, let them help you make or customize the costume! It can be a bonding experience, a lesson in creativity, and a great photo op. Besides, it’s the last Halloween that it’s going to be just the two of you. Why not make it extra special with matching costumes?

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Moms (with babies or toddlers)

Pregnant mom and baby costume ideas

Giant Popcorn Bag

Create a giant popcorn bag using cloth as the bag to cover up your belly. Work it around a baby carrier (if your belly is still small enough to wear one) and you can easily carry Baby around in your costume. Make it movie-themed by dressing as a clerk at the cinema and glue some popcorn to your baby’s hat or the top of the popcorn bag. Yum!

Click on the link below to buy the:

Popcorn Costume

King Kong Baby

Okay, this one is so cute! Put Baby in a monkey costume and wear your baby carrier to the side (if your belly is still small enough) to make Baby look like she’s climbing. Don’t forget the cardboard building as your headpiece. Watch out! Cuteness is coming!

Click on the link below to buy the:

Monkey Baby Costume

Officer and inmate

A police officer and an inmate can be another pregnant mom and baby costume idea ideal for celebrating Halloween with your little one. Have in mind that your baby needs to be old enough to sit in his or her toy car, which you will turn into a cozy jail cell. The prison can be made out of cardboard and attached to the car. In this case, mom will be a police officer with a shiny badge around her neck or attached to her belt.

Don’t forget Baby’s jailbird costume! Besides a cap and snaps for easy diaper change, this jumpsuit below comes with attached tattoo sleeves. This costume will make your baby look like a tough little dude (or dudette!).

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Pregnant Police Shirt

Baby Police Costume

Baby Jailbird Costume

Burglar and Money

As opposed to police officer costume idea, we also have burglars. This mom decided to dress up as a burglar this Halloween. Her precious bundle of joy is dressed as her precious stolen cash! The bow on baby girl’s head resembling the dollar bill is a really nice touch.

Burglar and Money halloween costumes for pregnant moms


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Baby Burglar Costume

Burglar Mask

Fake Dollar Bills

Wizard of Oz

Dressing up Baby as a pumpkin for Halloween is always a good idea, but your entire family can join the fun, too. It’s suitable even for pregnant mom and baby as the costume isn’t too tight or uncomfortable to wear. You can decide to dress up as any of the characters from the Wizard of Oz and you’ve got your family ready for Halloween.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Wizard of Oz Costume

Pregnant mom and toddler Halloween costumes

When your baby becomes a toddler, you’ll have so many more choices for Halloween costumes. Below are a few creative Halloween costumes for pregnant moms and their toddlers.

Little Mermaid

If your princess loves Little Mermaid, this theme could inspire your costumes for Halloween this year. Dress  your toddler as Ariel and you can be Ursula.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Mermaid Costume

The Breakfast Gang

Going trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween together as a family is an amazing experience. These are moments that you’ll cherish forever. One family came up with this creative idea for a pregnant mom and toddler Halloween costume. Together, they made breakfast! Dad is the bacon, the toddler is the toast, and mom is the egg showing off her baby bump. If you have more kids, one of them can be a bottle of ketchup or a cup of orange juice. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this food-inspired costume.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Breakfast Costume

Monsters, Inc.

If your toddler is a fan of Pixar’s Monsters, this costume is a splendid idea for your family. Make sure mom is Mike Wazowski’s eyeball to disguise growing belly. Choose any other characters for the other costumes.

Some costumes are even online ready to order!


Click on the link below to buy the:

Monster Costume

Pot O’ Gold

Here, Mom’s belly represents a pot of gold. Her little one? Then dress your little one up as a leprechaun!

When it comes to recreating these creative Halloween costumes for pregnant moms, mom’s costume is one of those DIY costume ideas, while you can either create the costume for your little one on your own if you have a sewing machine or you can buy a leprechaun costume.

Click on the link below to buy:

Pot O’ Gold Accessories 

Care Bears

Cartoon inspired costumes are always an interesting idea when you want your family to dress up for Halloween. Here’s a suggestion for a costume that is very easy to make at home. Your family can wear Care Bears costumes. Let your toddler pick the color of his or her costume, based on their favorite character from the cartoon.

Click on the links below to buy the:

Care Bear Costume

Pumpkin Farmers

Since pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween, painting your belly as a pumpkin is perfect! Let your toddler join in the fun by dressing up as a farmer, hat and boots and all!

Click on the link below to buy the:

Farmer Costume

My Little Sunshine

Dress like you were just playing in the rain and let your toddler be the sun and rainbow, and you’ve got yourself a costume!

Click on the link below to buy the:

Little Girl Rainbow Costume

Lobster Shack

You must have come up with hundreds of cute nicknames for your adorable toddler, but is lobster one of them? Here we have lobster-inspired costumes for the entire family. Mom and dad are chefs and you can buy the lobster costume for your toddler.

The lobster costume is available in different sizes, so it can be a good fit both for babies and toddlers.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Lobster Apron

Adventure Time

If your kids love Finn and Jake’s adventures, they’ll surely love this Halloween costume. Here’s an idea how to dress up your family inspired by Adventure Time characters.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Adventure Time Costume

Willy Wonka

Inspired by the famous musical from the 1970s, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, this costume is perfect if you want to re-enact the characters with your family members. Choose some of the popular characters from the movie and be prepared to enjoy this Halloween with your family as you’re expecting your newest family member to arrive.

Click on the link below to buy the:

Willy Wonka Costume

When planning Halloween celebration this year, regardless if you are planning to organize a family dinner or you’ll be attending a costume party, make sure you explore creative Halloween costumes for pregnant moms to get the inspiration and find the one you’d like to wear. Happy Halloween!


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