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5 Boo-tiful Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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If you recently discovered the gift of growing a human inside of you, you’re probably racking your brains for some fabulous Halloween Pregnancy announcement ideas.

Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday is creative. It’s fun. It offers great announcement opportunities.

It’s time to prepare for one of the most fun parts of pregnancy: sharing your news with the world!

Announcing your pregnancy is one of life’s most thrilling moments. Sharing this unique experience shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Share on social media. Share via text or email. Share with printed photos via regular mail. Whatever you decide, don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the great news! It is such a privilege to include others in welcoming this precious life. Crafting a fun and cute announcement makes it all the more memorable.

“It is a powerful creation to have life growing inside of you.” // Beyonce

Since you’re probably feeling exhausted from all the changes going on inside, we’re here to help. Below are some Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas. 

We found some witty ones. We found some cute ones. We found some simple ones and some boo-tiful ones.

We hope one of the announcements below leads you to your perfect pregnancy announcement!

1. Halloween Costumes Announcing Your Pregnancy

The Milkman and 50’s Housewife:
If your belly isn’t super-round yet, just stick a pillow in there! Then, buy a cheap strand of pearls at a Dollar Store, curl your hair, and add bright red lipstick, dress, and an apron.

You can also purchase the entire 50’s Housewife get-up on Amazon. Don’t forget the Milkman’s costume!

Mama Kangaroo carrying her baby kangaroo in her pouch:
Cute and very simple! No matter the size of your baby bump, this costume will work. Put this together with a brown dress, a cut-out pouch (sew or use safety pins), and some ears!

Or you can, of course, purchase a kangaroo outfit on Amazon. Instead of making a costume, you might just want to take a relaxing bath or a nap.

Spaghetti & alcohol-free beer:
You can toss the Odouls or keep it, but we love the spaghetti idea. HA! The fork in the hair is genius. You can print off mushroom and cilantro templates and use paper or felt. Hot glue them to an old or cheap red shirt, and you’re ready to go!

Bun in the oven with her bun maker:
This costume may be our favorite pregnancy announcement costume idea. Can’t forget the bun maker! So much fun! The suit pictured was customized on Etsy, but you can order bun in the oven costumes on Amazon.

Skeleton mama and baby:
This costume wins the award for creepiest and coolest. If you have an expendable all black outfit, just buy the iron-on pregnant skeleton and the arms and legs.

Mummy Mama:
Cute! And so simple. All you need is a white shirt, some white athletic tape, a marker, and maybe a bow!

Thing 1 and thing 2:
Pretty cut and dry! Order the stickers off Etsy and have them personalized with your due date!

2. Due Date Pregnancy Announcements

No Trick…just a treat!
“No trick, just a treat! Our family is growing by two little feet!” We love this due date announcement!

No Trick...just a treat! halloween pregnancy announcement idea


Expecting our little pumpkin due date announcement:




Super cute and clearly excited:

Use your ultrasound picture!

If your actual due date is in October, you can custom order this fun print on Etsy!

3. Halloween Pregnancy T-Shirts

There are so many fun, witty, and cute Halloween pregnancy shirts! Whether you wear it on Halloween or have a stash for all month, here are some adorable pregnancy shirts.

4. Cute Sibling Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

We have mentioned quite a few cute Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas, but here are a few more. If there’s a sibling in the family, don’t forget to include them!

5. Halloween TWINS Pregnancy Announcements

You’ve discovered you are having TWINS! YAY! What a shocking but beautiful gift. Here are a few Halloween twins pregnancy announcements:

You could even write on the pumpkins! Due dates, names, baby, etc.

Too funny!

Does not matter how you decide to announce your pregnancy this Halloween, you have plenty to celebrate! These festive announcements are creative, fun, and don’t take much time to put together. It is entirely worth the effort! You won’t regret making your announcement memorable this fall!

Did we miss any fantastic Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas? Please share with us in the comments!


Featured image source: via Pinterest


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