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Make a Stunning Easter Basket for Your Pregnant Wife

When your partner is pregnant, celebrating holidays becomes a bit different.  Gifts you might normally give, events you’d usually host or attend, and many other traditions may be sidelined in consideration of her comfort and your finances.

There are still ways you can celebrate to ensure your wife’s needs are met while you don’t break the bank.  For example, if you normally host the entire family for Easter dinner consider just having your parents over, or encourage someone else to host this year.

What if your wife’s morning sickness or discomfort is so bad you decide to forgo the gatherings and Easter egg hunts altogether? Or she’s due any day and doesn’t feel like waddling around an Easter event.  You can still celebrate by giving her a special Easter basket.

You don’t have to include anything overly expensive.  Instead, here are some ideas for making a stunning Easter basket for your pregnant wife on the cheap that’s filled with things she’s sure to love.

Affordable Ideas to Include in an Easter Basket for Your Pregnant Wife

All you need to do to make a beautiful Easter basket for your pregnant wife is grab a pretty basket (the secondhand stores usually have quite a few for next to nothing), choose several (or all) of the following ideas, and fill it up!

Give it to her on Easter and prepare for lots of hugs, kisses, praise, and maybe even a few joyful tears.

Easter basket for your pregnant wife with flowers

Depending on where you live, an Easter basket for your pregnant wife filled with daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers you picked yourself could be a very pretty, and free, Easter gifts for your pregnant wife. If you have to go to the florist or garden store, Easter flowers can still be affordable.


A piece of jewelry can be a beautiful Easter gift for your pregnant wife, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Consider a simple necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Just stay away from rings because her fingers may be swollen, and what fits while she’s pregnant may not fit later on.


Photos of your past together, family, friends, or images she’s taken herself can all make wonderful additions to an Easter basket for your pregnant wife. Find frames of all sizes (from discount stores or thrift stores, of course!) and fill the basket with the pictures.

You can also choose from any number of photo gifts like calendars, mugs, collages, and more to make an extra-creative Easter gift she’ll cherish forever.

edible easter basket for your pregnant wife with candy

Candy, especially chocolate, for Easter is a staple for most of us. If she likes it, you should definitely include candy in any Easter basket for your pregnant wife that you make. At the very least, have it easily accessible so you’re prepared for any cravings that might hit.

Her Favorite Perfume

A small bottle of your wife’s favorite perfume can make a lovely addition to your wife’s Easter basket. She can use it whether she’s pregnant or not and it won’t expire so she can keep it in the closet if she already has a bottle she’s using.

Gift Certificates

Although many don’t consider gift certificates to be all that personal, giving your pregnant partner the gift of a day out to go to a concert, the spa, her favorite restaurant, the movies, or any other place she likes can be priceless.  She won’t be able to go to these places for a while after the baby arrives. Gift certificates may seem impersonal, but giving your pregnant wife one she’d really enjoy can be very meaningful.

Magazines or Books
Easter basket for your pregnant wife filled with books

A basket full of her favorite magazines, puzzles, and books can be a welcome Easter gift many pregnant women will enjoy on Easter and during those first few months caring for a newborn. To make the basket extra affordable, look for gently used copies of the books she likes.

If she really likes to read, you might also consider giving her a subscription to a listening library. Once the baby arrives and holding a book isn’t so convenient, she can listen to her favorite books while baby naps.

Kid’s Artwork

If you have children already, including some artwork by your kids can be a wonderful gift for your partner any time of the year. You can probably encourage the children to make a special piece for their mom pretty easily. Or, grab something they created in art class that year, frame it, and add it to the Easter basket.

New Slippers

In most cases, giving clothing to a pregnant woman isn’t advisable no matter what the holiday. She’s constantly changing shape and size. Who knows if it will fit after the baby is born? Slippers are a different story.

A nice pair of comfy slippers is a welcome cure for sore, tired, pregnant feet. Plus, they make a nice filler in the Easter basket for your pregnant wife.

Now you’ve got an affordable solution to celebrating Easter no matter how your pregnant partner feels that morning. Start the day with the gift of an Easter basket and she’ll be overjoyed that you thought of her.


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