6 Fashion Tips When Pregnant and Going to a Wedding

If you’re wondering what to wear when you’re pregnant and going to a wedding (and a muumuu is a big no-no), we’re here to help!

As beautiful as pregnancy is, it is also a challenging period for a woman if she still wants to look good and not frumpy for the sake of comfort. If you still want to look good as your baby bump grows, check out the following tips.


What to wear when you’re pregnant, going to a wedding and want to be comfy but still feel all dressed up.
  1. Stay away from small flower prints!

We know it’s spring or summer. We know it’s a beautiful garden wedding and you might not resist the temptation to go for the floral prints. We’re just warning you, if you choose small floral prints, you run the risk of looking like a beach umbrella.

Instead, go for block color; one bold, beautiful color to complement the shade of your skin and hair or to bring out your eyes. If there ever was a good time to discover the color which best suits you, this is it.

  1. Stilettos are the way to go… if you want to give everybody a heart attack!

You may be tempted to opt for stilettos because you may think you will not be on your feet much. Perhaps the dress you chose is not very flattering, and you need the pregnancy shoes to feel dressy and fancy. If these are any of your reasons, you would be wrong on all counts.

Even though you will be seated for most of the time, they will still be uncomfortable for you to wear not to mention the fact that you’ll simply wobble around making everybody worry about you instead of paying attention to the wedding.

So, what do you wear when you’re pregnant and going to a wedding? Elegant stacked heels, small heels, or ballet flats can look amazing without the added drama of peril for the sake of fashion.

what to wear when you're pregnant and going to a wedding stilettos
  1. Flattering, not fattening

You don’t need to throw a sheet over yourself when you’re pregnant. You can still find flattering clothes even with your baby bump on display!

First, the material needs to be properly chosen. Go for materials which are slightly elastic and which wrap around the body in all of the right places. You don’t want to look like you have a tiny dress on, busting at the seams, suffocating the baby. Instead, choose something that complements your figure and changing shape.

what to wear when you’re pregnant and going to a wedding Tiffany rose

If you choose something form-fitting that means choosing what is right for your own body, not for someone else’s. Choose wisely when you’re pregnant and going to a wedding. Do not settle for anything less than a dress which seems like it was specially made for you.

  1. Empire dress to impress

You might never look as royal and elegant as you will in an empire dress which lets your baby bump breathe. Empire dresses are designed to bring out your beautiful shoulders and neckline. This means that you will be able to focus on hairstyle and earrings or neck accessories and not only on elegantly adorning your baby bump.

empire maternity dress to wear at a wedding
  1. Front pleats and asymmetrical layers to trick the eye

This is the pregnancy mantra about making the baby bump look stylish. Just like in the case of the empire dress, without necessarily masking the belly, it will look nicely fitted and properly covered. The asymmetrical layers will give your mother-to-be body a new look and will elongate what needs to be elongated while slimming where it needs to as well.

Front pleats and asymmetrical layers for wedding while pregnant
  1. Try a tulip dress

Here’s one more tip on what to wear when you’re pregnant and going to a wedding. Tulip dresses have rounded waists which are perfect for the bellies, especially for those which are a bit higher up. A nicely rounded belly will look great. However, do not try to squeeze into it if your belly is a bit bigger and less defined because this dress model can prove uncomfortable in the upper area if it is not in the perfect size.

tulip dress to wear while pregnant at a wedding

Remember that you can still make a stylish appearance and be elegant in your pregnancy. You do not need to upstage the bride with your own bliss and make your condition too obvious. However, making a classy appearance will give the bride and other female friends a model for when they’re pregnant and going to a wedding!


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