Babies Disney Costumes

Babies are exceptionally cute. When dressed in Disney costumes, they can look even more adorable.

Whether you are choosing a Disney baby costume for Halloween, a costume party, or going to Disney, this guide will help you choose the right outfit that keeps your baby comfortable and happy.


1. Choosing the Disney Character

Choosing the right Disney character according to your baby’s personality can make the costume party and your baby’s character much more fun. Some babies that are playful and laugh a lot can look great in a Chucky from child play’s costume. Similarly, if your baby girl sleeps a lot during the day, you can dress her as a sleeping beauty. A costume that matches your baby’s habits and personality can turn them into real Disney characters.

If your child is a toddler and likes to move a lot of jumps, dress them as a Disney rabbit. Additionally, if your toddler likes a certain Disney character, you should let them dress as they like but make sure the character won’t be absurd for the occasion. If you want to change the baby’s costume several times, dress the baby in a tank top and shorts for quick changes so you can change them anywhere.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse disney characters


2. Choose Breathable Fabrics

Babies cannot express themselves through words. If the baby feels hot or uncomfortable in a costume, they’ll probably try to tell you they don’t like it by crying. So, make sure that the fabric of the costume you’re buying for them is light and breathable. If the weather is hot, you can choose velvet or other thick materials to keep the baby warm. But don’t make them super-hot by adding too many layers of clothing, especially if they will be indoors in a heated space.

Baby wearing tigger costume


3. Itchy Inner Fabrics

Costumes often contain the itchiest and irritating fabrics. To add flair and volume to the skirts, cheap tulle layers are sewed inside them. The glittery and shiny costumes can be extremely itchy under arms and around the neck. These fabrics can cause itching and redness to the baby’s skin. If your baby has sensitive skin, choose the fabric with great care. You can also dress them in a thin 100% cotton shirt or trousers then put on the costume.


4. Extra Pair of Clothing

If your baby will be wearing the Disney costume for a birthday party or o Disney land, it is recommended to keep an extra pair of clothing that is comfortable with you. Because there is always a chance your baby would throw up milk after feeding or mess with clothes when they do their business, as a parent you should be ready for anything. So, keep a comfortable and pretty outfit that your baby has worn a few times before, with you. Keeping an outfit that baby has worn before is better because they’ll surely feel comfortable in them.

Baby extra pair of clothings


5. Length and Size

The size and length of the costume are the two most important factors you should take care of. Because baby sizes can be tricky, you might end up buying a costume that is either too small or too large for the baby. When buying baby costumes online, measure your baby first. Match the measurements with the size chart and only if they match exactly, proceed with the purchase. A small costume will be a waste of money if it cannot be exchanged. So, look for sellers that allow exchange and refunds.

Baby holding green mask


6. Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and accessories complete the baby’s outfit. If the accessories are not included in the outfit, you should always buy them separately. Imagine a Cinderella without her iconic glass shoes. So, if you’re dressing your baby girl as a princess, find if she has a matching pair of shoes. If your baby girl has pink and black shoes only, neither of them would look good with a Cinderella dress.

You can buy transparent jelly shoes, silver glittery shoes, or blue silk shoes to go with a Cinderella dress. Similarly, a tinker bell outfit is incomplete without wings, while a Woody Costume from Toy Story is incomplete without the hat and boots. So, take out some time to purchase these items separately if they are not already added to the costume package.

Baby pink shoes

7. Weather

If you are taking the baby with you to an evening Halloween party, keep the weather in mind. If it will be windy and cold, dress your baby appropriately or keep the baby’s sweater or cardigan with you. If you’re going to a pool party and your baby will be exposed to the sun, keep baby-friendly sunscreen with you. A day at the theme park can be sunny, windy, rainy, or long, so make sure the baby or toddler stays comfortable at all times.

Check the weather forecast a day before and plan your trip accordingly!

Baby wearing Snow White costume

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