How to Choose Pregnancy Bras that Grow with You

During your pregnancy, your body goes through countless changes. Many women experience extreme changes in their breasts, especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. In fact, most women find that they are unable to wear their regular bras as their pregnancy progresses and their breasts get larger.

Unfortunately, many women end up having to buy several new bras throughout the nine months of their pregnancy. Consistently having to buy brand-new bras to accommodate your growing breasts can be both very inconvenient and very expensive. However, if you buy the right bras when you get pregnant, you will likely only have to buy one set for your entire pregnancy. It’s all about finding high-quality pregnancy bras that will fit you well throughout your pregnancy. Keep reading to learn how to choose pregnancy bras that grow with you to fit your changing breasts from the beginning of your first trimester through the end of your third.


1. Be Informed

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There are many myths floating around about choosing and wearing pregnancy bras. You won’t be able to find the ideal, most durable pregnancy bra for you unless you get informed about the realities that contradict these myths.

One of the most common myths surrounding pregnancy bras is that the best bra to buy for your pregnancy is just a larger version of the bra you normally wear. However, buying the bras you already own in a larger size doesn’t usually doesn’t have the best outcome for your pregnancy. Maternity bras are designed specifically for pregnant women; they include support you don’t even know you need until you get pregnant. You’ll be thankful for this special support as your pregnancy progresses.

You should also be aware that a pregnancy bra that fits you very well in the first trimester of your pregnancy might not fit you the same way during your third trimester. While doing everything you can to find the best maternity bra for you will help you be able to wear it comfortably for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to hold off on buying more than one pregnancy bra at a time. Start with one in case you need to try a different size or style later on in your pregnancy.

Best Maternity Bras

2. Know What a Good Fit Is

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Learning what a good fit means regarding a pregnancy bra is key to finding the bra that is best for you. It’s important to remember that a maternity bra should fit slightly differently than a regular bra. Your pregnancy bra should not squeeze you or feel tight in any places. While this applies to regular bras too, it’s especially important for maternity bras. Underwire or cups that are too tight can end up clogging your milk ducts, which often causes problems if you start nursing once your baby is born.

Also, your ideal maternity bra should have a bit more coverage than your regular bras. Make sure that the cups of your bra completely cover your breasts so that they have room to grow. The band of your maternity bra should not ride up on your back; it should fit snugly around your ribcage without feeling constricting.

3. Find Your Ideal Bra Type

Just like in the world of normal bras, there are countless different types and styles of bras that are specially designed for pregnancy. Every woman has different needs, desires, and priorities that need to be taken into consideration before buying a pregnancy bra. Some things you should consider before choosing a pregnancy bra type are the activity level you want to maintain during your pregnancy, your standard everyday outfit choices, and the size and sensitivity of your breasts.

For women who lead a very active lifestyle, more supportive, sports bra-style pregnancy bras are usually the best bet. If you experience extreme sensitivity in your breasts during your pregnancy, maternity bras with more lining and padding can help keep you comfortable. Different pregnant women have different ideal pregnancy bra types depending on their priorities. However, this general list of high-quality pregnancy bras on the market can help give you some ideas for what to buy.

4. Get the Best of Both Worlds

It is a common misconception that bras designed specifically for pregnancy and nursing cannot be cute or feminine. Many women sadly stow away their lacy, colorful fashion bras when they get pregnant and resign themselves to unattractive pregnancy bras because they think that’s their only option.

While it is essential to prioritize comfort and support above all else when choosing a pregnancy bra, that doesn’t mean that the bra you choose can’t also be stunning. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to settle for anything less than beautiful pieces when shopping for pregnancy bras. Wearing cute bras can make you feel more confident about yourself and help you keep feeling sexy throughout your pregnancy. If you want to find pregnancy bras that look just like gorgeous lingerie pieces, you can find plenty of options on here.

5. Try a Comfort Bra
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A comfort bra is a particular type of pregnancy bra that is specifically designed to grow with your breasts as your body changes. If your priority is finding a pregnancy bra that fits you well for the longest period of time, check out comfort bras. Comfort bras do not come in traditional letter and number bra sizes. Instead, they are sized in terms of small, medium, large, etc. This is because each comfort bra size is designed to accommodate a range of bra sizes to keep fitting you well as your breasts grow throughout your pregnancy.

When buying a comfort bra, buy a size that fits you but still gives you room to grow. For example, don’t purchase a size small if it fits you snugly. Instead, go with a size medium that adapts to a little more loosely. When in doubt, always size up if you want to buy a comfort bra.

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