8 Ways to Ease Anxiety during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. You’re growing a human being inside of you. It’s miraculous!

But, it can also be anxiety-inducing. Trying to ease anxiety during pregnancy is like asking you to not think about a pink elephant. It’s almost impossible! There are so many unknowns; it’s standard (even normal) to feel a bit anxious when you are growing a little being inside of you.

If you feel like your anxiety is out of control, talk to your doctor or midwife to see what he or she recommends. Here are a few recommendations from us to ease anxiety during pregnancy:

1. Accept Advice Mindfully

When people give advice, you don’t have to take it all to heart. Most advice-givers mean well, but everyone’s experience is different. Just because it happened to one mom does not mean it will happen to you.

Some seasoned mothers may horrify you with their scary labor and childbirth or new parent stories. Instead of dwelling on the bad stuff that could happen, try to visualize a smooth and successful pregnancy, delivery, and child-raising experience to ease anxiety during pregnancy.

The bottom line is it hasn’t occurred yet. It could be horrible. It could be wonderful. Until it happens, you have a critical choice to make. Are you going to worry? Or are you going to daydream about how wonderful it’s all going to be?

2. Surround Yourself With Uplifting Content

From the books you read to the shows you watch, actively seek out uplifting and inspiring content to ease pregnancy anxiety. If there was ever a time you need positivity and encouragement, it’s now. Seek out loving stories from fellow parents. Watch shows that make you laugh. Feed your spirit and your soul all the feel-good emotions you can muster to ease anxiety during pregnancy.

Both you and your baby will benefit. And, frankly, this is exactly how to make your pregnancy a great one!pregnant belly in spring

3. Start A Gratitude Practice

It’s too easy to forget that things are going well in your life. No matter how difficult or stressful your life may be right now, some things are going wonderfully well. For example, you’re pregnant! Talk to any couple who’s struggled for years to get pregnant and you’ll be reminded how blessed you are.

Focus on what’s going well. Focus on the miracle. Focus on the tender moments. Focus on the love in your heart.

Write down the amazing things in your life that have brought you on this journey. Thank the people that surround you with love and support. Make gratitude a part of your everyday routine and bring yourself back to it whenever you struggle.

4. Talk It Out

In Western society, the tribe that used to support pregnant and new moms has almost vanished. Proactively building a tribe you can trust and talk to will relieve so much of your stress and anxiety. Honestly expressing your feelings can make all the difference to ease anxiety during pregnancy. A good conversation can make a bad day a great one.

Are you feeling sick and tired? That’s okay. Talk to someone who will be understanding and nurturing. Find someone who will listen without immediately problem-solving. And speak about your fears too. Sometimes expressing what you are most afraid of takes away its power.

5. Schedule Down Time

Give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax. Relax your body and relax your mind during pregnancy. Use prayer, meditation, or deep breathing to help you relax. Know yourself. If you tend to feel more tired in the afternoons, try to be home at that time where you can rest.

Also, start under-committing. Clear your social calendar. Don’t say yes to every work or household project. Schedule downtime into your days to ease anxiety during pregnancy. Your body is doing hard, hard work. Take any rest you need. You deserve it!

6. Embrace It All

All the emotions. All the fears. All the joys. All the physical changes. It is all part of this time that you will only have once (with this child). While it may feel like a roller coaster at times, allow yourself to be present for it all. You will look back on this journey and be proud.pregnancy announcement

7. Eat a Healthy Diet

Try to include some Omega-3s and other nutrients in your diet that can restore your body and balance out emotional fluctuations. Good nutrition is essential as your body changes and grows a little human. Eat a colorful rainbow of foods, if you can handle them, to get loads of phytonutrients.

Proper nutrition may even help calm your morning sickness! Starting with a nutrient-dense diet now will also help you get used to a nutritious breastfeeding diet after baby’s birth.

8. Try Alternative Therapies

You can ask your doctor, midwife, or naturopath for some alternative therapies to safely ease anxiety during pregnancy. One such therapy some moms-to-be have seen success with is light therapy. Applying an artificial light, with individual bulbs, at certain times of the day can gently ease stress and lift the mood.

Cheers to a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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