Food Cravings When Pregnant With A Boy

Pregnancy is often characterized by constant changes in a woman’s body and behavior.

Other things change within your system besides your slowly-growing baby bump. And one of these other things is your food preferences. In fact, unusual food cravings are often associated with pregnancy.

Many “old wives’ tales” had stuck around from one generation to another, and you may have heard some of it (usually from unsolicited opinions). Apparently, some of the changes during pregnancy might indicate the baby’s gender. Let’s learn more about pregnancy food cravings and see if your eating patterns might indicate a healthy baby boy.

Why Do Pregnant Women Get Cravings?

Did you know that 50%-90% of women in the US develop cravings throughout their pregnancy? And more interestingly, did you know that not even modern-day physicians can ascertain while this phenomenon happens? One of the most popular theories being discussed is that cravings happen when the body lacks certain nutrients. Hence, the body sought out food that is known to provide a sufficient amount of nutrients that it needs.

Cravings are not the only palette change that happens during pregnancy. There are instances in which moms-to-be develop disliking of various food. And there are also rare cases wherein a pregnant woman won’t develop any cravings at all. Regardless of your situation, all of these changes are normal and shouldn’t be worried about.

A healthy diet is especially important for pregnant women


Food Cravings and Gender Reveal

Pregnancy cravings had been a favorite part of some old wives’ pregnancy tales. Getting an unquenchable longing for salty and spicy food is famously seen as a sign of getting a boy. On the other hand, a baby girl is expected if the pregnant mom would crave something sweet like chocolates and ice cream.

These cravings would often appear during the early stages of pregnancy, in which official testing is still not available. Hence, the excitement over the pregnancy makes people lay down their guesses on the table with accompanying craving myths. Although pregnancy cravings are strongest during the first stages, these would usually fizzle down as the third trimester arrives.


Take note: Gender speculation is just for the fun and laughs, and should not be taken as a piece of medical advice. Opting for a blood test or an ultrasound is still the recommended way to know if your upcoming bundle of joy is a baby boy or a girl.

In general, pregnant moms crave fatty and carb-rich foods. You can encounter weird combinations like potato chips with chocolate dips, or dipping a beef jerky in strawberry-vanilla ice cream.


7 Common Food Cravings When Pregnant With a Boy

Let’s admit it, a 9-month or even a few weeks is quite a long time for a guesting game. This is especially true if the expecting couple is first-time parents. If you want a bit of fun while waiting for the test, you can play “guess the gender” by taking a good look at your cravings. Let’s see if your cravings match the list below.

1. Pickles

Acidic, salty, sour, and slightly sweet; pickles are often not on the top list of someone’s favorite foods. Unless that someone is a pregnant mom with craving tendencies. Pickles are easily accessible and can help in easing muscle cramps.

Pickles are a weird but very popular snack for expecting moms

2. Potato Chips

Salty and carb-rich cravings are very common during the early stages of pregnancy, and this might indicate salt deficiency. Unfortunately, junk food is not great during your diet when pregnant, so be mindful of your daily potato chips consumption. Instead of getting it in a bag, why not try to bake your own chips?

Potato chips are so satisfying but are a junk food

3. Bacon & Eggs

When eaten in a moderated amount, this scrumptious combination is actually beneficial during pregnancy. Both eggs and pork have choline which helps in your baby’s brain and spinal cord development. Just don’t indulge in it too much, or try incorporating other food.

Bacon and eggs are one of the healthier foods on our list

4. Fried Chicken

Do you see a pattern here? Most pregnant women develop cravings for fried food due to its fatty, salty, and carb-rich content. And what’s a better way to consume it all than munching a bucket of crispy fried chicken! Just like bacon and eggs, moderate your consumption and try to use high-quality oil such as olive oil.

Fried chicken is a very popular finger food

5. Cheese and Pizza

If you find yourself constantly thinking about cheesy food, there is a possibility that you lack Vitamin D. Just opt for minimal consumption and supplement your diet with other Vitamin D-rich options like yogurt or salmon.

Cheese and pizza may cause heartburn in pregnancy

6. Spicy Food

Eating spicy food during pregnancy doesn’t really affect your and your baby’s health. In fact, consuming slightly fiery meals increases the chance for your baby to develop preferences for spicy food. Just don’t overdo it, the acidity might cause indigestion and heartburn (which is very discomforting if you’re pregnant.)

7. Fun Combinations

And last but not the least, you can combine your favorite food cravings with other meals to gain some variety and nutrient intake. For instance, you can add your egg or bacon to any sandwich with healthy garnish. Don’t forget to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, and light exercise into your routine to keep your body healthy and fit.

On another note, discuss your cravings with your OB or nutritionist to create a comprehensive diet plan that can incorporate your cravings with a healthy menu.


Other Non-Food Related Signs

Of course, there are also non-food-related indicators that may hint at your baby’s gender. For example, if you never experienced morning sickness, or if your belly shape is round as a basketball, there is a great chance that you will be blessed with an active baby boy. Your partner might also start gaining weight and share some of the pregnancy symptoms with you. These indicators might come true or not, but visiting a doctor for an ultrasound or blood test is recommended if you want to remove the guesswork.

A mother only wants the best for her unborn child

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and moderate your cravings especially on salty or sweet food.

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