If You’re Pregnant Get Ready for Unsolicited Advice

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Each woman is different when it comes to perceiving pregnancy, but you will more than likely experience a whirlwind of exhaustion, elation, fear, anticipation, sleep deprivation and more. Some moms-to-be love pregnancy, some hate it. It’s subjective and physiological.

Unfortunately, how others perceive your pregnancy is not in your control. Even more unfortunate, others will probably let you know how they perceive your pregnancy. At that point, it is in your control to punch them in the nose.

What might you hear over the next nine months?

Exercise/Don’t Exercise

It all depends on who you talk to. Some people will look a pregnant woman up and down when she eats anything and comment that exercise is in the best interest of mom and baby. Others will jump out of a chair to pick up a feather for a pregnant woman. When I was pregnant, I would work out at my local rec center. I had multiple people ask me if the exercise I was doing was “safe for the baby.”

In case you’re wondering, exercise is perfectly safe during pregnancy, with some exceptions. You don’t want to start any new or particularly strenuous activity after becoming pregnant. Women with at risk pregnancies may also need to abstain from all exercise.

Get Your Sleep Now!

Pregnant woman with hand on head from Unsolicited Advice

I wonder if these people know that one cannot store sleep for later. Regardless, they just can’t help themselves and have to make the underhanded remark about the droves of sleep you won’t be getting once the baby comes.

What these people must not know, however, is that many pregnant women experience significant sleeping problems, resulting in sleep deprivation.

Whether it’s heartburn, insomnia, backaches, or sleep apnea, some women struggle more with exhaustion while pregnant. For those women, getting up 3–4 times per night with a newborn might be an added relief. They may be getting sleep in less quantity, but it will be of higher quality.

Do Unmentionable Things to Your Nipples

Whoever came up with the idea that “roughing up” nipples to prepare for breastfeeding was a good idea needs to have their nipples roughed up just for fun. Nothing you do can prepare your nipples for the insanity that is early breastfeeding.

First you have to deal with getting your child to actually participate in breastfeeding, then you have to make sure he or she is doing it properly. The latter doesn’t come until you are already too far gone.

To avoid as much pain as possible, make sure your child is latching properly, use hydrogel pads and lanolin, and keep telling yourself it will be over soon.

Get Rid of Your Pets!

Do you need to be conscientious of pets being around your baby? Yes. Do you need to send your pets out of the house the second you get pregnant? No. Pets and babies can have great relationships as long as you understand your job as a parent to both your pet and your baby. How to handle the relationship between them will vary depending on the kind of animal you have, so make sure you do your research.

Unsolicited Advice: Get rid of your pets

Decaf, Right?

Yes, it’s true that you should limit your caffeine consumption during pregnancy, but the people who want to burn you at the stake when you enter Starbucks are going a tad overboard. You do want to make sure you limit your consumption to 200mg per day, which can be tough to do at Starbucks, by the way.

You Can’t Eat That!

Every OBGYN will have his or her own opinion about what food is safe or dangerous at different points in a pregnancy. Unfortunately for you, so will your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Whether you choose to sneak a bologna sandwich or sprinkle some feta cheese on your salad is up to you since there are recommendations to limit certain foods.

Everyone is different and makes different choices. Just be prepared for your friend’s aunt’s hairdresser to comment about the way you cook your steak.

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