Halloween Theme Baby’s First Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Your baby’s first birthday party is an important event for you, that will also become one of the most memorable events of your life.

To have loads of fun and take some amazing photos, you need to plan everything way before the baby’s first birthday party. So, without further ado, let’s dive into all the tips and tricks that will help you plan the baby’s first birthday party that has a Halloween Theme.

1. Theme

First birthday parties usually only have a color theme. At a girl’s first birthday party, the theme could be pink or purple similarly, at a boy’s it can be blue or green. However, birthday party themes should not be limited to colors only. Halloween birthday parties are fun because they are spooky and diverse.

All the kids wear costumes and it is fun to have so many little ghosts and scary characters at the party. Because it is a kid’s birthday party, you should avoid deadly zombie costumes and props that are too scary. Some not very scary décor may include pumpkins, white sheet ghosts, bats, spiders and webs, and all kinds of cute and fluffy monster toys.

baby halloween costume birthday party


2. Party Games

To keep the kids busy, you should have at least two or three games planned. It can include building a tower with blocks, watching a kids-friendly scary movie, and playing with some spooky toys. You can also buy several bottles of blow bubbles for kids to blow bubbles. But make sure you buy plenty of blow bubble bottles so that every kid gets one.

Everyone loves to play with slime. Only if you are okay with kids throwing slime around, you can also keep some green color slime in the kid’s play area. You can also set up some creepy cardboard box passages for the kids to crawl and hide inside.

Cut open the top and bottom of large board boxes. You should ideally take 8-12 boxes to create a maze or labyrinth that kids can hide inside. Tape the boxes together and put them in a corner and the kids will keep themselves entertained. You can also purchase inexpensive fabric tunnels that can be set up in minutes.

You can also wash them and store them for later use. Kids love to dance. Whether it’s jumping up and down or moving their body, they love to dance when their songs are played. Play music and let them dance and have fun.

Building blocks games for toddlers


3. Invitations Theme

Because your baby’s first birthday party theme is Halloween, you need to let the guests know they should buy costumes for the party. Ideally, you should send the birthday party invitations 4-6 weeks before the birthday so that guests can purchase costumes and a birthday gift. If your friends or family members will be joining you from other cities, it is important to let them know 2 months before the birthday party so they can schedule the visit.

Halloween birthday party invitations should look spooky and fun. It should give gifts the idea that the birthday party is going to be mysterious and fun. Give them a hint of what guests will be doing. For example, add a phrase like: You’ll have food, dancing, and the witch’s brew.

So, wear your costume and come at two!


Food to Serve

You can serve anything that kids and bigs would love at the birthday party but make sure that you serve them in spooky style. For example, mint margarita can be served in a glass with a spider sticker. Similarly, the cheese dip can be served inside a small hollowed pumpkin. Similarly, freeze ice cubes with sour snake gummies that will be added to drinks.

Get creative with food and create Halloween-themed food platters. Also, order a Halloween theme cake and cupcakes. Paste cuttings from black large-hole net fabric on cupcake tiered platter and cake stand to create a fake spider web. You can also buy rubber spiders of different shapes and sizes to stick to the birthday table.

Similarly, you can wrap tissue paper on jars and juice bottles to give a mummy effect. Stick the tissue paper with the bottles using school glue.

food to serve birthday ideas


Party Favors and Goody Bags

Small gift bags for kids are the best way to say thank you and send them home with a gift that lets them remember how much fun they had at the party. You don’t have to spend too much on these gift bags. Dollar store gifts work great for making goody bags if you don’t want to add candy and chocolates. You can put small crayon sets, balloon packets, small toys, blow bubble bottles, and color books in gift bags.

If the gift bag idea sounds like a lot of work, you can buy a large basket and put fluffy toy spiders, pumpkins, or a gremlin toy. Choose one type of toy and buy the same character for all the kids. Paste a sign that says: ‘Take one of us home’ above the bucket.


Party favor gift ideas

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