Nursing Necklaces for Breastfeeding Moms

Nursing necklaces are designed for breastfeeding mommies to keep their young ones attentive. Breastfeeding can seem very uncomfortable at times when your little one keeps getting distracted while nursing and doesn’t feed properly.

A great way to keep the little one interested in feeding is to buy a nursing necklace. Nursing necklaces are made of colorful beads that keep your baby engaged. While babies are playing with the mommy’s necklace, they don’t get distracted easily. The colorful beads are also made of baby-safe materials so even if your baby pulls the necklace or bites into the beads, they don’t break easily.

Nursing necklaces are a stylish accessory that can be adorned with any outfit that you are going with, for the day. The nursing necklaces look stunning and can also give you a fashionable edge. The nursing necklaces are designed to be unbreakable so they last you a long while and can be worn every day.


What are Nursing Necklaces?

Nursing necklaces are safe pieces of jewelry for breastfeeding mothers to keep their babies from getting distracted while breastfeeding. While wearing a breastfeeding necklace, you can encourage your baby to play with it while feeding. While your baby grabs the nursing necklace and explores the beads, the baby is being fed.

Nursing necklaces are designed to be safe for babies. They do not hurt the baby or mother. The nursing necklaces are also very strong and don’t break easily. Wearing the breastfeeding necklace, you can rest assured that your baby or you won’t get hurt.


Benefits of Wearing Breastfeeding Necklaces

Younger babies tend to reach out for necklaces as they like to touch and pull anything they can reach. Shiny objects are their favorite and they want to touch them or pull them even put them in their mouth. Regular pendants and necklaces can be dangerous because they can harm the baby. They are also not strong enough so when the baby pulls, they might break into small pieces and cause choking.

If you wear an expensive necklace, you also don’t want to lose it when it falls off in a public area after your baby pulls it and breaks it. Nursing necklaces are tested and verified for babies. They are made of non-toxic components so you can have peace of mind that the necklace is safe for your baby. You can wear it all day to let your baby play with it when you hold the baby.

When babies grab the necklace, they learn to grip objects. It helps them gain control of their hand muscles and also stimulates the cerebellum (a part of the brain that controls body movement and coordination). Some necklaces are designed with silicone beads for teething babies. Babies with growing and developing teeth have tender gums that can also get painful at times.

So, if your baby bites into the beads, it will give them comfort and relief.


Types of Nursing Necklaces

  1. Amber Teething Necklace

An amber teething necklace is made of 100% Baltic amber beads that contain succinic acid. Succinic acid has mild anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties. Amber has a unique color and texture that gets your baby’s attention. When the babies bite into it, the amber gives them relief from pain and itchiness.


The amber necklace also makes a statement when worn with a classy outfit. Amber color looks stunning with dresses, tank tops, and t-shirts. Amber necklaces are gorgeous and they also make mommy look stylish.

  1. Silicone Teething Necklace

Silicone teething necklaces are made of silicone beads that are comfortable to wear. It is for teething babies who like to chew soft plastic materials. The silicone teething necklaces are made with 100% food-grade plastic and come in amazing colors and styles. They are funky colorful jewelry pieces that look stunning with most outfits even those that are boring.


  1. Cotton and Wood Necklace

The cotton and wood nursing necklaces are like a baby’s toys on a necklace. They are usually worn while breastfeeding so the baby can play with them. There are small colorful cotton knots and toys on the necklace and in the middle is a large wooden ring for the baby to hold. They are not appropriate for teething but if the wooden ring is made of maple wood, it is safe for teething babies.

Some cotton and wood nursing necklaces can be worn as a fashion statement that contains colorful cotton knots and a center wooden piece only.


  1. Sensory Chew Necklace

Sensory chew necklaces are usually a large toy pendant made of silicone in a simple ribbon. These necklaces contain a silicone toy-shaped pendant that attracts the baby’s attention. The pendant can be a building block, crayon, large star, donut, or Oreo-shaped silicone toy. Sensory chew necklaces last for many years as they are durable and unbreakable.

They are also made of 100% food-grade-silicone that is safe for babies. The sensory chew pendants can also be given to babies to play with and work like a pretzel teething ring.



  1. Silicone Beads Nursing Necklace

Silicone bead nursing necklaces contain a few large beads in a ribbon that stack down near the cleavage. They are around 15 inches long so that the baby can pull them and play with them while nursing. They are also safe for babies to chew but are not designed for teething. They are free from harmful materials such as phthalates, BPA, PVC, lead, cadmium, and nitrosamines.

Silicone nursing necklaces are aesthetic jewelry pieces that can be worn all the time. They come in beautiful colors and ombre shades that make them a must-have jewelry piece for mommies.


  1. Cosmopolitan Beads Necklace

Cosmopolitan beads necklaces are high-quality chunky necklaces that look very trendy and unique. The colorful beads are made of silicone for babies but they look as if it was designed for an Egyptian goddess. They also come in a variety of colors such as black, grey, navy blue, sage that look stunning.


The cosmopolitan beads necklace usually features 5-10 large beads of variable sizes and shapes.


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