3 Pregnancy Milestones To Get Excited About

Despite early warning signs, you will lose visual contact of some vital body parts due to your belly, so decide early whether to go all natural or rely on muscle memory when it comes to shaving lower than your belly button.

In addition to the large belly, you will notice that your boobs are much larger and your nipples are darker. One day you may notice a wet spot on your shirt. What the heck is this liquid spilling out of you? Its natures way of testing the plumbing. Congrats, your boobs work!

During pregnancy, many weird things will happen to your body, but these changes are only temporary.

Here are 3 changes you’ll be ecstatic about during the course of your pregnancy.

#1 The first day you don’t have to vomit

The first trimester is mostly spent in the loo; if you aren’t peeing, you’re puking. You’ve learned how to live on toast and ginger ale and nibble gingerly like a super model dreading the moment that you have to run to the bathroom again!

One day, you’ll wake up feeling fine. All of a sudden, you are fantastically ravenous and instead of the bathroom, you will be heading to the fridge.  Mint sauce and bacon wrapped pancakes anyone?

#2 Your first maternity clothes

Your first maternity clothes


its been a while now and you’ve been trying your best to get away with squeezing into your pre-pregnancy pants. The day finally arrives when all you want is to breathe.

Maternity pants are everything. These are the most comfortable pants you will ever own. The elastic is more comforting and forgiving than your mother.

#3 Walking away from your farts

Dear princess, you will emit foul stenches that will disturb not only you but those around you. Seriously!


Have a sense of humor about it.


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