Are You Listening to Pregnancy Music?

It may sound silly, but listening to music during pregnancy can make a huge difference for both you and Baby.

Pregnancy music can help relax you, reducing the stress hormones that can result in complications for your baby. Listening to music can also help you bond with Baby more. Try listening to songs you love and sing along! Baby LOVES the sound of your voice!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of listening to feel-good, relaxing music during pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy Music?

Pregnancy music is simply music you play while pregnant. More importantly, it’s an experience for both you and your baby in the womb.

Try making it a part of your ritual when you start your day or before you wind down to sleep. Or you can play calming music as you clean or on your way to work.

It is known to have significant benefits for you during your pregnancy and your child’s hearing and overall development once she is born. Playing music, and even singing to your baby, while pregnant is a heartwarming moment every mother should try to experience.

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Pregnancy Music for Fetal Development 

Music can also help your unborn prepare her ear and brain development. Although it is not proven that playing music during pregnancy can make your baby smarter in the years to come, your little one is born amazingly aware of different melodies.

Don’t feel pressured to play music! Your baby won’t get a head start with education, but there are known pros to introducing your unborn to music.

According to a study from the University of Helsinki in Finland (, they were able to find groundbreaking information on unborn babies. 33 pregnant mothers participated in a study to determine if there was a connection with their baby’s auditory system. After they were born, the children brains reacted to the sounds that have been played for them. Researchers played a CD with made up words like ta-ta-ta played in different ways and in different pitches starting at 29 weeks of pregnancy up until they were born.

In comparison to the subjects that didn’t listen to the music in utero, the babies were remarkably able to recognize the made up words and the changes in pitch. Based on their findings, babies are actually very aware of their future home and are able to detect changes and complex information. So for example, if you religiously watch a particular show and listen to the same theme song every day, your baby will recognize that song even after she is born.

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When Can a Baby Hear Music?

From about 6-7 weeks the ear begins to form and within 10 weeks their ears will grow and start to take shape. Once you reach 21 weeks your baby will start to hear deeper noises from outside the womb. Lastly, at the end of your second trimester, your baby might respond to your voice or music.

Fetal auditory learning becomes possible at 27 to 29 weeks gestational age. Around this time the fetus might be able to recognize any external sounds. After birth, a newborn is more than likely able to familiarize itself with environmental sounds, melodies as well as native language, especially from the mother’s voice.


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How Loud Should You Play Music for Your Unborn Baby?

It’s critical to know the hazards of playing loud music for your unborn baby. Using headphones, or any devices close on your pregnant belly can overstimulate your baby and may cause some hearing loss at birth. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics,(

“Exposure to excessive noise during pregnancy may result in high-frequency hearing loss in newborns, and may be associated with prematurity and intrauterine growth retardation.”

It’s best to keep the volume below 65 dB (which is about as loud as a washing machine) to ensure your baby’s safety and health.

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Music for Baby in the Womb

The best genre of music to play during pregnancy is classical music. Whether it be strings or piano, classical music provides your baby with a broad range of notes creating beautiful melodies and lullabies to enjoy. It is recommended not to play brash or harsh music since it can cause stress and disorient for your baby. Other genres of music that are not overstimulating include jazz, country music, and Christian/religious music.


Also known as the “Mozart effect”, Mozart is scientifically proven to improve your mental performance. It’s also researched that playing Mozart early in childhood can improve mental development. Based on this discovery many assumed that Mozart will be able to educate your baby from in the womb. However, this classical pianist is only as effective as the enjoyment for your unborn. Playing Mozart can calm your baby and lull her to sleep.

This video features over an hour of soothing classical music with beautiful tones and soft melodies, perfect for your baby in the womb. This features an hour of piano music perfect to help you sleep and unwind.

The great thing about sharing this experience with your baby is the ability to start a beautiful bond that will continue as you embark on the journey as a mother. There are many pregnancy music albums on the market for you and your baby to enjoy.


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