Are You Prepared for Your Lying-In Period?

Are You Prepared for Your Lying-In Period?

It’s uncommon, I know, but lying-in after the birth of a baby is an essential part of the postpartum period.

Traditionally, lying-in describes a period during which mom spends her time exclusively with her baby and does absolutely nothing else but sleep, nurse, bond, rest, and heal. In some Asian and Latin American countries, this period lasts anywhere from 30 to 40 days. In India, it can last from 40-60 days.

During this time, mom is supported by friends and family (or even hired help) who do the cooking and cleaning. Mom may also receive massages to help with circulation and healing! It’s hard to imagine doing that in the modern world, right?

Well, Earth Mama Organics has a plan for you. It’s a way to support you in your lying-in period, whether it be 4 days or 40. It will help you heal and bond and integrate a new human being, into your life slowly and gently.

Before we get to the plan, let’s talk about how Earth Mama can support your postpartum bottom care!

Earth Mama Postpartum Bathroom Tips

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First, if you birth vaginally, you’re going to be terribly sore down there! Even patting with some toilet paper is going to be uncomfortable, so don’t even think of wiping.

Get yourself a peri bottle! Fill it with water and consider it a manual bidet. Rinse away, gently of course, and refill and rinse as necessary until you feel better.

Next, try Earth Mama’s New Mama Bottom Spray. It’s a naturally cooling spray that will soothe your tender skin. You can even use it after a shave or as a cooling, refreshing facial. Really! It also smells like yummy, cooling cucumbers.

Finally, once you’ve gently patted yourself dry (or let yourself air dry, which is totally acceptable!), Earth Mama has a Mama Bottom Balm to offer extra support and pain relief. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will be extra cooling to the warm, sore spots.

Postpartum Padsicles

If you’ve never heard of postpartum padsicles, they are MAGICAL! They are lifesavers after birth. Seriously. They’re amazing.

Immediately after birth, you’re not going to want to sit in a bath for a while because, well, it will be uncomfortable to sit. And if you’ve ever had a swollen anything – be it an ankle, a bug bite, a bee sting – you know how much ice (or anything cold) can help.

Enter postpartum padsicles. Here’s how they work. Get some herbs – like Earth Mama’s Postpartum Bath Herbs – and brew some tea with them. Pour the drink onto some large feminine pads and FREEZE! Yes, freeze. That’s it. Padsicles. Cooling, amazing, incredible, healing goodness for everything swollen and aching “down there” after birth.

Here’s a handy step-by-step graphic for you to make it really easy:

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You can also take Earth Mama’s Bath Herbs, steep them for a few minutes, let them drain out and cool down and apply directly to your perineum. You can use them warm, cool, or even frozen.

When you’ve healed a bit and are ready for a bath, even a sitz bath, add the herbs to your bath. The packs include organic oatmeal, organic witch hazel, organic yarrow, organic calendula, and more good stuff to promote soothing and healing and to calm swelling and bruising.

Yes, this is what the lying-in period is all about, Momma! Gentle, slow self-care.

Nourishing the Body

Far too many new moms ignore the nourishment during the postpartum period – when it’s the most important!

Your body just did something amazing. YOU just did something AMAZING! And exhausting! And now you have a newborn who eats continuously, who sleeps in short spurts, and who wants (and needs) to be attached to a human being 24/7 for the first few months of their glorious life.

That’s some drastic, incredible change.

Just like you need rest, and to give yourself the gifts of ease and grace, during your postpartum period, you also need to nourish this body that has given you so much. It grew you a new baby for goodness’ sake!

Eating freshly cooked meals is paramount. This can be hard, I know, but, please, momma, please ask for help! Set up a Meal Train! Ask your neighbors. Your coworkers. It may be hard, but it’s important, and you’re so worth it.

In addition to food, herbal supplementation is a good, and gentle, way to support yourself and your body. Earth Mama Organic’s Monthly Comfort Tea has mineral-rich nettles and alfalfa, ginger to ease cramping, red raspberry leaf for uterine support, and yummy cinnamon flavor! You can even make hot cider! Yummmmm.

The added benefit to drinking tea is it helps you sloooooow dooooown. Your baby is new to this world. She needs you to slow down. You’ve just had a baby. Slowing down is good for you, too.

And don’t you want to? Don’t you want to give yourself time just to lay around and gaze at this incredible human being? Giving yourself the time and space to heal, adjust, and fall in love – that’s what lying-in is all about!

Earth Mama’s Postpartum Lying-In Plan

Earth Mama Organics has crafted a free guide for expectant moms to help you think about your own healing and how to make the most of whatever postpartum rest time you may have.

The goals for lying-in? Healing and bonding!

It’s a precious time momma. It’ll go by faster than you think. Don’t rush. Take as much time as you possibly can. Plan for this period so you can get as much out of it as possible. Earth Mama Organics is here to help.

Create your free guide here.

Many blessings to you and your new baby momma! Take care of you… both!

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