9 Pregnancy secrets you should know

Unwanted advice you will get lots of when you become a parent, but there are a few things no one tells pregnant women, but definitely should.

When you begin to show and the whole world knows your pregnant, everyone, and this includes strangers on the bus, will feel perfectly comfortable giving you advice on how to raise your unborn child.Sometimes you’ll get good advice, others you’ll get labor horror stories, eventually you’ll learn how to tune them out as you smile and nod in agreement.

There are some things, however, that no one mentions to pregnant women, not your mum or your new bus best friend.

Keep these things in mind!

Its OK that you don’t love being pregnant


Its OK that you don’t love being pregnant

“It’s the most beautiful experience ever” yes, I do not refute that, but that doesn’t mean that pregnancy is all chocolate cakes and that wonderful glow everyone is always talking about.

You are not already a terrible mother just because you can’t stand the constant bathroom breaks, the throwing up and eventual weight gain. No one enjoys every minute of being pregnant.


Get maternity clothes

Admit it, we’ve seen women stretch the lives out of their clothes. Maybe dare I say, this woman is looking back at you from the mirror.

Your family and friends will definitely always want you to feel good about yourself so they tell you you don’t even look pregnant.

You are pregnant. You are so pregnant your stomach is ten times the size it used to be and your behind is broadening with every bite of cheese cake.

Find comfort, stop torturing your clothes.


You don’t actually need to eat for two

Sorry ladies, the classic, “you’re eating for two now” should not actually determine how much you eat.

Even if you are eating for two, while one of you is about the size of an eggplant, do you really need that fourth piece of cheese cake?

No one is calling you out for your wacky cravings, (French fries with extra mustard anyone?) Go for it, but gaining too much weight during your pregnancy may cause complications for you and your baby in the future.


You have to work at getting your body back

Pregnant women be prepared, you won’t bounce right back into your pre-pregnancy body as everyone tells you.

This lie only wreaks havoc on women’s self esteem when they still have engorged breasts and a behind that can’t fit into any skinny jean 3 months post baby.

You need at least a year and if anyone tells you different, they are either lying or a youth sucking succubus.


Stranger belly rubs are weird.

Stranger belly rubs are weird

There. I said it. You are not a horrible person for not liking complete strangers rubbing up on your belly. Its awkward!


Not all women know how to “embrace the curves”

Its okay to miss your now too small jeans. As your shape changes, and after child birth, its okay to feel uncomfortable with your new body. It takes some getting used to, but don’t let it make you crazy.


After delivery, you’ll be an emotional wreck

Those random tears you keep crying now are nothing. Expect a roller coaster ride of emotions after you deliver your baby. Your body and the baby goes through trauma during childbirth. Post postpartum depression and not feeling bonded to your child happens.

While on the topic of post delivery, your belly will be horrifying; temporarily of course. Your belly will feel like dough when you leave the hospital, it will improve over time. Don’t pack your jeans!


Gas, gas and more gas!

Forget it, princesses. By about month 5 or 6, you begin your glorious physical transcendence into a gaseous, waddling rhino. You will fart almost constantly and holding it in is not an option.

You will be accompanied by a melodious trumpeting symphony whenever you walk.

Gas, gas and more gas!


Labor can go smoothly

Only the people with horror stories feel the need to share their experiences. Yes, some women do have short labors and completely effective epidurals and some women don’t even get vaginal tears.

It may not be bad at all so don’t focus too much on what a horrible pain it will be. None of those women remember the pain. Ask them, the second you see your baby, you forget the pain.


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