Seriously Safe Sex: How to use an ovulation calculator & other “toys” to take control of your sex life

How do you use a period calculator if you want to have sex without getting pregnant?

Knowing exactly when your fertility window starts and ends and abstaining from sex during this period can allow you to enjoy your sex life responsibly without getting pregnant.

But… what if you have no idea when your fertility window starts or what it is? How are you going to avoid pregnancy?

First off, make sure you know what a fertility window is! You can read about fertility windows and ovulation calculators here.

Now onto the sex part.

Fertile Window

 Sex can rock your world – really takes on a double meaning if you go through an unplanned pregnancy

Today’s post is about sex but it isn’t about WHY you should have sex. If you are interested in that subject, you can jump straight to the top 05 reasons why you should go have sex tonight.

Our focus today is on giving you the tools or “toys” you need to lead a healthy sex life in the modern world.

We highly recommend natural family planning and a steady relationship in order to best take advantage of the symptothermal method of contraception (an area where hiMama is the best fertility monitor and app).

Let’s take a look at key facts about a woman’s fertility – things you should know if you want to be sexually active and avoid pregnancy.

Ladies: we can only get pregnant on a few days during our menstrual cycle

You should definitely be enjoying yourself and leading a healthy sex life. If fear of getting pregnant is holding you back, this post is right for you. Spoiler alert: the most important part is that you can only get pregnant on a few days of your menstrual cycle.


Totally false: “a woman can get pregnant any time of the month”

Totally true: “a woman can only get pregnant on a few days during her menstrual cycle”.

Ovulation & period calculator: hand in hand with your fertility window

An Ovulation & period calculator can help you determine the exact days your ovaries are releasing an ovum. Which is great because you can only get pregnant during a window of a few days during your menstrual cycle.

All of this information can be handled by modern phone apps, making it much simpler to keep track of your fertility window and actively decide when it is that you want to get pregnant.

Make sure to read our post on ovulation calculators.

Natural fertility awareness methods are as effective as birth control pills for avoiding pregnancy!

Studies show that symptothermal methods of natural fertility-awareness are as effective as contraceptive pills when you are looking to avoid pregnancy.

If you figure out your fertility window and use natural family planning methods you are sure to avoid pregnancy and enjoy a healthy sex life with your steady partner.

Reading up on sperm and cervical mucus is also key for natural contraception

Bad news! If you don’t want to get pregnant, using a period calculator and knowing when your next period will start, might not be enough information.

The good news is your cervical mucus can give you loads of information about your fertility and help you prevent undesired pregnancy.

Pregnancy Prevention Checklist

Are you eager to make love au natural? Make sure you really understand the following information before you jump to it:

The length of your fertility window – it is limited by the lifespan of sperm

Your ovum has a 24-hour life-span, but sperm has a lifespan of a maximum five days! That means that if you only ovulate once a month, on a specific day, you have a reduced timeframe to make these two meet. This time span is your fertility window.

Remember: you can only get pregnant if you have sex within the time span of your fertility window which is no longer than 10 days.

The quality of your mucus and what it’s telling you about your ovulation cycle

Cervical mucus changes with the season, like tree leaves and fashion trends. Why is that important if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy? Because cervical mucus can work as an ovulation or period calculator.

Keep track of your cervical mucus and how it changes in order to naturally and easily identify your day of ovulation.

What will you be watching out for?

Egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile kind of cervical mucus – it’s called that way because it resembles clear, stretchy raw egg whites.

So if you notice a “stretchy transparencies trend” in your undergarments, you should probably check your calendar and stay away from the sexy lingerie.

Note: If you are producing very little or no cervical mucus whatsoever you may have a problem getting pregnant in the future.

How to calculate ovulation easily?

You can use the observation of changes in your cervical mucus to easily determine your fertile window. It’s really, really easy. In a recent study, over 90% of women were able to identify their day of ovulation by recording their basal body temperature (BBT) and observing their cervical mucus. Best of all, they did so without requiring extensive instruction!

If you are interested in measuring your BBT as well, take a look at our digital BBT thermometer.

Our monitor captures your sleep patterns and your real core body temperature,  to generate reliable BBT data, you can just go to sleep and let it work.

Try a fertility calendar App

The himama App works in sync with the device to build you a personalized fertility calendar; it provides easy, fast and comfortable fertility planning, allowing you to know the right days for pregnancy-free sex.

Lead a healthy sex life with hiMama

You can use the hiMama app as a period calculator and more: gather information about your fertility window, pin-point your estimated days of ovulation and, basically, put that info all out of your head until you DO need it. Let your phone organize it all and maintain you informed!

The hiMama app is easy to use and you can download it for free! (Free download)

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