13 Easy & Fun Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

If you are the mommy to be, thinking about what games to play at your baby shower, we have got you covered. When you are hosting a baby shower, you would want you and your guests to have a good time.

Baby shower games for large groups are a great way to have fun and not bore your guests. Ideally, you should play 2-4 baby shower games to allow some time for socializing with the guests as well. If you are hosting a large baby shower party and you would want everyone to join in, here are 13 baby shower games that are suitable for large groups.

Here are 13 simple and unique  baby shower games for large groups

Blindfolded Diaper Change

The blindfolded diaper is one of the most popular baby shower games for large groups where the guests are blindfolded and given a baby doll and a diaper. The one who puts the diaper perfectly on the baby wins. If you are hosting a large party, you don’t have to buy too many baby dolls, you can buy 3 or 4 and let the guests take turns. Later these baby dolls can go to your baby’s room.

Blindfolded Diaper Change Game

Draw the baby

Draw the baby is a fun game for large groups where all the guests are given a piece of white chart paper and a marker to draw the baby. But to make this simple task challenging, they have to keep the paper on their head or forehead and draw. You can save these paintings with the names of artists on the back. So that when you look at them in the future, you can have a good laugh about it.

Draw the baby game

Tinkle in the Pot Game

To play tinkle in a pot, the guests place a large balloon inside their shirts and hold a ping pong ball between their knees. With a jar on the ground, they must waddle their knees to drop the ping pong ball in the jar. Your guests will soon get creative and competitive.

Tinkle in the Pot Game

Diaper Fashion Challenge

When you have invited a crowd of fashionistas, you have to play the diaper fashion game. Have the guest attach diapers to their clothes and the one with the greatest number of diapers and the most creative outfit wins the game.

Diaper Fashion Challenge game

Diaper Toss Game

When you have some expert basketball players in the room, you have to play the diapers toss game. Because diapers are lighter than balls, it is hard to aim diapers and land them in the basket. Tossing diapers across the room can be hilarious.

Diaper Toss Game

Name The Poop!

Alright, this one is another fun game for large groups where the guests smell diapers and guess what’s inside it. You can melt 4 or 5 types of small chocolate bars inside diapers, number and place them on the table. The guests smell and guess which chocolate bar is inside each.

Name The Poop game

Diaper Pong

Diaper pong is just like toss the diaper except instead of a basket you have diapers on the wall and have to throw ping pong balls inside them. The person who shoots the highest number of balls in the diapers wins the game.

Diaper Pong game

Baby Predictions and Advice

Baby prediction and advice is more like giving useful advice and predicting how the baby will look like. Every guest writes some predictions about the baby’s size, facial features, hair types and eye color, and advice that parents-to-be need to hear. Advice from experienced parents can be very useful and some predictions can be very funny to read.

Baby Predictions and Advice

Baby Emoji Pictionary

This fun and unique baby shower game for large groups is very simple yet complex for the guests. Guests have to guess what are the words or phrases related to baby depicted through the use of emojis. Everyone comes up with something interesting and sometimes quite funny answers. You can purchase them at Etsy HappyBabyPrintables shop or make your own. You can keep these answers for later to look at them and remember the beautiful time when you were all set to welcome your baby, divided responsibilities and made predictions about the baby.

Baby Emoji Pictionary


Don’t Say Baby

Don’t Say Baby is a classic game that is a must to play in a large group. At a baby shower, everyone is talking about the baby and it is impossible to not use the word baby. Give each guest a cute pin they can put on their clothes easily. Pin with a flower or a bow is fine. Allow the guests to take away each other’s pin when they catch them saying ‘baby’. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins, wins the game. You can buy some cool pins that have funny pregnancy quotes on DiosDesign Etsy.

Don’t Say Baby


He Said, She Said

This super fun baby shower game is for large groups. You can print answer sheets for all the guests to answer who said what. You have to ask the baby’s mama-to-be and daddy-to-be a set of questions. Record their answers and print them on paper. Let the guests choose who said what and have a good laugh about it.

He Said, She Said game


Place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth

‘Pin the pacifier on the baby’s mouth is very similar to the ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. Children, as well as men and women can play this game. It is equally fun and enjoyable for the guest watching them too. All the guests can guide the blindfolded person where some will be trying to help the person and some will be confusing them.

You’ll need a baby picture, a few stickers of pacifiers and a blindfold.

Place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth game

Name That Baby Tune

This is an upbeat baby shower game for large groups that requires almost no preparations. All you have to do is download some baby song tunes and play them at the baby shower party.

Play one song at a time and let your guests guess the lyrics or the artist.


Do you have any other baby shower games for large groups you would like to share? let us know!

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