3 Awesome Gender Reveals

There is a tradition growing in popularity these days – the gender reveal!

Couples are coming up with unique and exciting ways to unveil sex of their baby-to-be. Gender reveal parties and photos are popping up everywhere! And although gender reveals are becoming more and more elaborate, some of the simplest are the most emotional. I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites here with you. If you are looking for some of your own ideas, I put a link at the bottom to a great article on the topic.

Viral Brother Eric and his wife.

Erik Meldik, known as a YouTube celebrity prankster, was pranked himself in this adorable video. His wife* put her own twist on the common gender reveal cake cutting reveal with hilarious, and truly heartwarming, results. His reaction is possibly one of the best. (I know this is said all the time, but seriously watch it until the end.)

They did a great video on the eventual birth of that baby, and the video is just as cute! Watch it here.

*I was unable to find her name. Please leave a comment if you know it!

Big Daddy has a Big Reaction

There is just something about large men being overcome with emotion that is just so watchable.

Need ideas for your own gender reveals? Check out this great list at BabbyPrepping.com.
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