7 Game Ideas To Level-up Your Diaper Keg Party

Not all people are fans of traditional baby showers, and that’s due to some inconvenient reasons.

First, gifting can be quite expensive, and the requirement can be vague at times. In addition, alcohol is often not allowed, which makes this event tamer than diaper keg parties. And lastly, baby showers are often a female-only event, with the exception of co-ed versions.

A diaper keg party is a joyful celebration dedicated to all soon-to-be dads. Friends, families, and loved ones are encouraged to bring diapers and wipes to help in reducing expenses without using a baby registry. Diaper parties often feature fun activities and scrumptious food for participants.


But what if the dudes also want to celebrate for the expecting dads? This is where the Diaper Keg Party comes into the screen. Party-goers can now enjoy great food, booze, and fun activities while helping their friends and families to reduce diaper-related expenses.

What Is A Diaper Keg Party?

Diaper keg parties are casual events organized for an expecting dad. It is created as a counterpart for baby showers, usually making it an all-man event (wives included, of course). Besides congratulating the parents and having a good time, diaper keg parties have another purpose: helping the new family by donating diapers.


Did you know that a family would need up to 3,000 diapers within the first two years to take care of their newborn child? Diapers are not cheap, and it would take a considerable part of the budget for baby supplies. To join this party, the participants will chip on on this expense by contributing early to the diaper supplies.

What Happens During A Diaper Keg Party?

There are four things that usually involve diaper keg parties: gifts, BBQs, fun activities, and of course, the liquor! Beer is often the liquor of choice for these occasions due to its accessibility and low price. But other non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit punches, cocktails, and juice are also often included (Don’t forget the ice cubes and the shot glasses!)


Throwing a great diaper keg party needs doesn’t have to be expensive. This event is usually very casual; participants don’t have to dress up or worry about the gifts to buy. It’s quite unique because the only thing you have to do is bring baby supplies. Another reason why dressing up is not required is due to the party activities which can be quite chaotic.

7 Diaper Keg Party Ideas For Memorable Activities

1. Practice Baby Diaper Change!

Let’s admit it, nobody would ever be mentally prepared when it comes to changing a diaper. It is always a surprise every time, although not a pleasant one for sure. Dads can learn a few things by playing a practice baby diaper change challenge. In this game, the participants would be racing to change a diaper from a baby doll. It’s up to the host if they want to add something extra to the diapers.

source: Pinterest.com

2. Beer Olympics

Another popular game for diaper parties is the Beer Olympics. For this game, the participants will line up and take a baby bottle. These bottles will be filled with beer, and the participants will need to race each other in chugging the whole drink. Although this seems like a straightforward challenge, you would be surprised at how difficult and funny it would be to finish a “bottle of beer.”

source: Pinterest.com

3. Diaper Poker

Here’s a little bit different for people who like to organize bigger parties. Diaper Poker is just like other poker games; nothing is changed in the game mechanics. However, the starting chips are based on the number of diapers that the participant donated to the diaper fund. The host can set up the dollar equivalent (for example, $100 per diaper). But the gist of this game is that the more you donate, the more heads up you can get in poker.


4. Man in Labor

If you want quick and traditional charade-style games, “man in labor” is a good one. Besides the simple rules, the host doesn’t have to spend a lot to facilitate this game. Participants will grab a giant inflated balloon and will place it in their stomachs. Once all participants are “pregnant,” the game will begin. Each one will try to remove the balloon without using their hands. The first one to remove the balloon will be the winner.

source: Pinterest.com

5. Don’t Say “Baby”

Unlike other games, each partygoer is considered a participant, but they can choose whether to actively participate or not. Each person is given a set amount of pins and they have to wear them within their attire for the whole duration of the event. Here comes the twist: if they say the word “baby” accidentally or intentionally, they will need to remove one pin. The person with the most pins remaining will be declared the winner and take home a prize.


6. Diaper Pong

Diaper pong is a group game wherein each group will compete with each other to win a throwing game. The host will need to set up a shooting wall filled with “diaper baskets,” which have different tiers (higher tiers means bigger points). Each player will need to throw a set number of balls to get a score for their team. After a few rounds, the team with the highest will win. If there is a tie, team representatives will throw one ball. The one who will get a higher score will take the win for the team.

7. Ol’ Diaper Raffle

And last but not the least, the host can also do a traditional diaper raffle. This is another game that involves all participants of the event. Upon entering the venue, each participant will be given raffle entries based on the diapers that they contribute to the stash. So the more diapers you give for the party, the better your chances will be of winning the prize. After the event activities, small prizes along with an ultimate prize will be given to the attendees.

Prizes that are commonly given in these raffles are gift cards, event tickets, and gift baskets.

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