Baby Shower Bingo: The No-Fuss Shower Game

Baby shower bingo is a great go-to game for most any shower. It can accompany any theme, it’s easy, and it can be both playful and personal.

A baby shower is a fun milestone celebration for Mom. There are many aspects that the host/hostess must plan to have a smooth no fuss party. Shower games should be the stress-free part of the whole event.

Bingo is an easy game, even for large groups, that most everyone can take part in.


As with any game, you will need to gather some simple supplies. You can use the same standard supplies no matter what type of baby shower bingo one plans to play. Bingo cards are a good start along with a writing utensil.

If you are going to draw words out of a bag/container have those things prepared in advance. Then, you will need to determine if you want to use blank cards or printed cards. The printed cards may need to be prepped a few days in advanced so please allow yourself time to do so.


There are various bingo templates to choose from. A simple five row by five column card is the standard. You can order cards that are already made or have cards personalized and shipped to their home. It is also easy to use blank cards or create your own custom cards and print them at home.

Be sure that you have several variations of the cards that way everyone has a fair chance to get a bingo. This is a task that can seem tedious but is actually quite enjoyable.


A unique take on baby shower bingo is to choose a theme. You do not have to stick to the conventional idea of staying with the baby related words. Try playing a game of “Cartoon Character Bingo” or create a game based on what Mom likes.

What about a fun trivia bingo all about Mom and Dad? Be creative and have fun with choosing an interesting theme.


crossing out bingo card

Baby shower bingo is simple. That makes it a great low-stress game to play. The easy to follow rules may be different depending on which game you choose.

No matter what game you play it is standard that a “Bingo” consists of a complete row of marked answers. These can be in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal or one in each corner.


  • For this version, the host/hostess will hand out blank bingo cards and a writing utensil. This should be done before Mom opens her gifts.
  • Guests will write the name of a present they think Mom received in each box on the card.
  • As Mom opens her gifts the guests will take their writing tool and mark off the gifts on their cards.
  • This will commence until someone gets a bingo. Remember to only mark off gifts if they are a gift Mom received.


Mom and Dad baby shower bingo trivia is a fun take on this popular game. This is a unique version because people can see how much they know about the soon to be parents.

  • You should quiz both parents in advance (if you are using answers from both).
  • you want the cards to all be different from one another.
  • This will make the game more fun for the participants.
  • Guests will mark their answers on their cards with their writing instrument.
  • The first one with a “Bingo” wins.


This is the most common version played. Add a personalized theme by using words related to Baby. For example, you could do cartoon characters as a theme.

  • One way to play this is to hand out cards with words already in place.
  • The second variation is to hand out blank cards.
  • Next, have each guest fill in words according to the theme before the game starts.
  • After the cards are handed out proceed to pass out a pen or marker.
  • With any version played the answers will need to be written on small strips of paper.
  • Place the strips in a bag or other container and mixed well.
  • The appointed person will then draw words one at a time until someone gets a “Bingo.”
  • If the guests write in their own words not everyone will have the exact answer. So don’t be too technical with the answers.


baby shower bingo words

Choosing the proper words is quite easy. Don’t hesitate to get creative and tailor the game to the specific shower.


These should be based on questions that you ask Mom and Dad. Use the answers as the bingo words on the cards.


It is enjoyable to play games at showers and it is customary to award the winners with a prize. Mason jars are great options as prizes. The contents can vary from cookie mixes to pedicures in a jar. Gift baskets are great ideas and you could make them as large or small as one desires.

Giving a homemade treat like candies or candles. Go crazy and have fun purchasing or making the prizes. To make them extra special, try to match them to the theme or the favors.

Baby showers can be a crazy and seemingly stressful event to plan but they are actually quite fun. Most of the perceived stress usually comes from hoping your hard planning pays off. Every host/hostess wants to make this day special for Mom. Remember to not worry so much and just go with the flow.

You will have a lot more fun at the end of the day. A great way to take some of the chaos out of party planning is to play an easy fuss free game like baby shower bingo.

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