Do´s and Don´ts of Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby showers are meaningful events. They’re a way for an expectant mom to share her excitement and joy with friends and loved ones.

If you’re the one doing the planning, you may be wondering about baby shower etiquette. Today’s post will give you an overview of how to plan and host a baby shower.

How to plan and host a baby shower with the proper etiquette

Who Should Host?

Let a close friend or more distant relative host the baby shower so immediate family members can enjoy the day as guests. The baby shower host will be busy with responsibilities like:

  • Greeting guests.
  • Taking guests’ coats/purses.
  • Indicating where presents go.
  • Introducing guests to each other.
  • Making sure food is stocked and continuously served.


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What About Alcohol?

A baby shower, like any other celebration, is a wonderful time. Many hosts wonder if they should serve alcohol at this event. It is not against the baby shower etiquette and completely dependent on personal preferences of the mother and host.

If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, watch the guests’ intake. You are responsible for their safety if they are drinking at your event. Having said that, it is also the responsibility of the guests to behave like adults and not over-do it.

A good way to control intake is to have a limited supply of alcohol available. Don’t feel bad about cutting someone off if you have to. If someone is over-indulging, it is best to pull them aside to explain that they should choose a non-alcoholic beverage. This must be done politely and tactfully. Most guests will appreciate that you chose to approach them privately.

Other hosts shy away from serving alcohol altogether with the mentality of, “If mom can’t have it then why serve it.” Safety is a main priority when deciding whether to serve alcoholic beverages.


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Bringing Children

Traditionally, baby showers are adult-only events. Some people think that because they’re invited, so are their children. It’s best to keep in mind that this party is all about the mom-to-be and baby. The mom-to-be may anticipate an adult-only shower. This could be her last event without children for a while. Remember baby will be here sooner than later!

If you’re invited to a baby shower and would like to bring your child, it is proper to ask the host if it is OK. If you are the one hosting the shower, there is nothing wrong with telling people that your baby shower etiquette is adults only. You could put a polite message on the invitation or tell them as you give them the invite.

Either way, this will keep host and guest from being caught off guard. Children are wonderful, but sometimes adults need their time too.


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What About Dad?

What should dad do during a baby shower? Well, that depends on what type of shower you aim to host. If it is a couples event, then he would adhere to the same rules of etiquette as mom.

Most couples showers will have games that involve both the men and women. dad is expected, but not required, to take part in the activities lined up for the event.

If it is the traditional all-female shower then dad can go out and enjoy himself. It is polite for him to pop back in around the end of the party. This way dad is able to thank the guests for coming and for any gifts.


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Game Etiquette

Games are not a necessity at baby showers. They can be great entertainment as well as icebreakers. Whether you play games should be based on the mom-to-be. If she isn’t interested in playing games, then steer away from them. If she is interested, it is best to keep the games classy like “Baby Shower Bingo.” The soon-to-be-grandma may get embarrassed if you bring out the game, “Pin the Sperm on the Egg.” When choosing games make sure they will be short and fun for everyone. Sometimes people can bore easily.

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Baby Shower Games, Baby Shower Etiquette, Fun Games
Baby Shower Etiquette, Baby Shower Games

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Baby Shower Etiquette for Mother-to-be

The mother-to-be is the most important person, and they are supposed to have a lot of fun. Ideally, the mother-to-be should let someone else host the party. You can let a relative, close friend, or co-worker host the party and take care of everything. Make sure that you invite all the people who you’d want to have on your baby shower. The baby showers are not just for ladies anymore, you can invite families to have a fun and entertaining atmosphere for everyone. Although the host will be taking care of invitations, menu, and everything related to the baby shower, you should ensure that proper invitations are sent to all guests. Also, at the baby shower, everyone is feeling welcome and comfortable.

Baby Shower Etiquette for Grandmother

As a grandmother, you should offer the parents-to-be to host the party. Because it is generally considered rude for parents to throw a baby shower or ask someone to throw a baby shower, you should ask them yourself. If someone else is hosting the party, ask if you can help but don’t be pushy. If you are the host, consider the choices of parents-to-be. Ask what they would like to have on the menu and where they want the baby shower to be held? Because the baby shower is meant to help the new parents get everything they need and have fun, focus on the goal.

Proper Etiquette for Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations can be a picture or a card that can be given or sent to your friends and family. You can choose any theme, color, and font of your choice. However, make sure that it has all the vital information such as the date, location, and timings for the baby shower event. Don’t forget to add the phone number of hosts at the bottom. So that if someone has trouble finding the venue, they can call for guidance. You can also add a request that you’d love and appreciate the accompanying of all friends and family members on this special day.

Baby shower invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance. Especially if loved ones will be traveling from out of town to attend a baby shower.

Who Should be Invited to a Baby Shower?

Hosts should always ask the mom-to-be to help them prepare the guests list. If possible, get the dad-to-be involved as well and let them think about all the people they want to invite to the baby shower.

All close relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers can be invited to a baby shower. If you are making the list on your own and are also inviting people who are close to you, it is best to run the final guest list by her to make sure someone who she doesn’t want to have on the baby shower is not on the guest list. It is courteous to send invitations to relatives or friends who are across the country even when they won’t be able to attend. You can arrange a skype call for them to attend the event virtually.

Baby showers are not for women only. Anyone close to you can be invited to the event. It means the important male family members such as brothers, dad, grandfather, cousins, and friends or co-workers. You can send invitations to the complete family when inviting guests including husbands and kids. The baby diaper game is even more fun when single men of the family struggle to put diapers on a doll.

How Many People Should be Invited to a Baby Shower?

There is no limit to how many people you can invite to a baby shower. You can invite everyone close to the mom-to-be and dad-to-be. However, if you are arranging the party at home or in a backyard, it is important to make sure that you will be able to seat the guest comfortably. A normal backyard that is 15 x 20m wide can fit in 25-30 people easily, however, if you are trying to throw a big baby shower event, you’ll need to take it elsewhere. You can arrange it at the beach, at event spaces, or at a friend’s house that has a large backyard.

Baby Shower Etiquette for Guests

There are a few important rules that every baby shower guest should follow. If you have been invited to a baby shower, appreciate the gesture. Don’t promise that you’ll attend the baby shower if you won’t be able to. If there has been an emergency, call the host or the parents-to-be and apologize personally.

When you are at the baby shower avoid saying things that might hurt the parents-to-be or anyone else. For instance, mom-to-be might have put on some weight so avoid making comments about how she looks.

Try to familiarize yourself with people, smile, socialize but avoid getting into arguments. Even if you find a guest rude, don’t say it to the parents-to-be. The parents-to-be are living some of the best moments in their life at a baby shower, so avoid saying or doing anything that might stress them.

How Many Baby Showers are You Supposed to Have?

It is perfectly fine to have as many baby showers as you want. However, you should avoid inviting the same people to multiple baby showers again and again. Different people might want to throw a baby shower for you. The grandmother-to-be might want to throw a baby shower, a friend and co-worker may also want to throw a baby shower for you. Because you’ll get to have separate baby showers with friends, family, and co-workers, you’ll be more comfortable. Combining all the people and throwing a large birthday party can be overwhelming. The guest may not get along so well, and a large baby shower can demand more time and consideration. Therefore, separate baby showers can be a more suitable option.

Time For Gifts

Gifts are best left until the end of the baby shower so guests have time to mingle and chat. This also keeps it from appearing that the gifts are all the mom-to-be cares about. Most guests will enjoy gathering around to watch presents being opened, but those who aren’t interested or are pressed for time won’t miss out on the food and the mingling. It’s also a good idea to have someone keep a list of each present’s contents and the gift-giver, for thank-you notes later.

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When Guests Leave

It is best for both the host and mom-to-be to thank each guest for coming and walk them to the door. The main thing is to be gracious and courteous to the friends and family who have come out to celebrate the joyous new addition to your family.

Thank You Notes

The expectant mom should write personalized thank you notes for the guests’ presence and gift. Someone can help her write the notes, but it is nice to be specific in each one.

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Here’s more about baby shower etiquette:

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