Barbecue Baby Shower Food Ideas

Barbecue parties are fun and barbeque baby shower parties can be super-fun. To host a baby shower party with less stress, you need to know the following tips and tricks. 

  1. Start Early

You don’t necessarily have to wait until the guests arrive to start prepping food. Keep the BBQ meats marinated, finish cutting the veggies and make sides before the guests arrive. When you have everything ready before the guests come, you can have fun and enjoyment as you won’t be too occupied in the kitchen.

  1. Let the Guests Help

There is always one barbeque enthusiast at a barbeque party who knows a lot about barbeque. Let the person help you and if they are willing to take charge, isn’t that perfect?

  1. Decorative Lights

Because it will get dark outside, unless you want to move the party into the house in the evening, you’ll need some fancy lights in the backyard. Although any outdoor lights are enough to light up the backyard, the backyard string lights look simply amazing. They can make the event fun, cozy and romantic. You can let them hang in the backyard or keep them for planning summer parties later.

  1. Serve Snacks 

One thing that most hosts dislike at barbeque parties is guests gathering up around the grill or in the kitchen. Set up a snack table away from the cooking area and seat parents-to-be on the table. Keep ample appetizers or snacks on the table, so the guests don’t have to reach for food in the kitchen. Some great snacks before BBQ are served are muffins, croissants, cake, guacamole salad, club sandwiches, and nachos with cheese sauce or salsa.

  1. Chill Beverages in a Bucket or Pool

To keep beverages cold, in a large bucket or kids swimming pool, add lots of ice and some water. Keep all the drinks in this pool or bucket. If you want to serve beer, ask the mom-to-be, if she’s comfortable with serving alcohol at the baby shower. As kids will be joining you for a baby shower too, keep some kid-friendly beverages in the pool too.

  1. Games for Everyone

If kids are also invited to the baby shower, you need to make sure that you set up a yard game that keeps them occupied too. Kids get restless after a while, so set up a game that they can play without the assistance of parents. This will let their parents socialize, drink, and have fun.

  1. Make BBQ Exciting

Barbecue does not have to be dull. Instead of serving hotdogs and hamburgers, take your BBQ game to the next step and smoke brisket or pork belly. Invite a professional chef to take care of the cooking, for excellent BBQ.

  1. Fire Safety

Because fat from the meat can cause a flare-up, you should be prepared to tackle the situation. Keep a bucket of water near or a fire extinguisher to use in case of small flare-ups.

This is one of the most important steps to take before you begin BBQ, especially when so many people are invited.

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