Butterfly Theme Baby Shower

Throwing baby showers for the parents-to-be is a great way to congratulate the parents and accumulate gifts that will help the parents save money.

If you have decided to host a baby shower party for the upcoming baby girl, a butterfly-themed baby shower is an excellent idea. Hosting a baby shower requires a lot of patience and consideration especially if you’ll be inviting a lot of guests. You’ll have to send invitations, arrange games, food, décor, and butterfly-themed gift bags for the guests.

So, let’s jump into what you need to customize for the butterfly theme baby shower:

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

For a butterfly theme baby shower, you have to design an invitation card or picture that has a butterfly theme. You can edit the invitation card in Adobe Photoshop or any other editor to combine some pictures of butterflies and the parents-to-be to create a beautiful baby shower invitation that has a butterfly theme.


Butterfly Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers are incomplete without cakes or cupcakes. Butterfly-themed cakes look beautiful and personalized. It is important to find a store or bakery near you that offers butterfly-themed cakes. Look at their butterfly cake sample pictures and run them by the mother-to-be. If she approves a butterfly cake, get a booking.

When getting customized cakes, book a baker or order from a bakery that has a good reputation. You don’t want a ruined butterfly theme cake on such a special occasion. There are thousands of theme cake pictures gone wrong on the internet.

Butterfly Baby Shower Decorations

For the baby shower decorations, you can either hire an event planner for decoration or get help from an artistic friend or family member to decorate. If you choose to decorate with the help of family members, you can buy a butterfly baby shower decoration kit that includes balloons, toppers, backdrops, table sheets, and much more. Most baby shower decoration props and decorations can be bought from online stores. So, order the decorations a few days in advance as some packages may take up to 10 days to get delivered.


Butterfly Baby Shower Centerpieces

Butterfly theme centerpieces for baby showers or birthday parties can add beauty to the center table. There are plenty of butterfly theme centerpieces that you can buy online, however, you can also create your centerpiece. For instance, if you are going with white and purple butterflies baby shower theme, you can buy a white vase and flowers in a light shade of purple. Decorate them with dark purple, white, silver, and golden color butterflies.


This can serve as the butterfly theme baby shower centerpiece.

Butterfly Baby Shower Favors

Butterfly baby shower gift boxes are a great way to thank the guests for coming. Depending on your budget, you can have small or large baby shower favor boxes. However, it is important to take care of the theme when getting baby shower boxes. You can also order pre-made party favors that are ready to be distributed if you are short on time.

If you are planning on giving small party favors, you can add butterfly jewelry, butterfly perfumed erasers, and other stationery, or color paints in each box. For larger gift bags, you can get butterfly customized T-shirts, Butterfly soap sets, and other budget-friendly items that your guests would adore. You can buy decoration pieces or customized cups, that your guests will appreciate for years to come.


Baby Shower Butterfly Backdrop

Butterfly themed backdrop is essential because most pictures will be clicked in front of the backdrop at the baby shower. The butterfly baby shower backdrop kits can be bought pre-made or you can DIY. First, you’ll need to buy fabric or a sheet that will serve as the base. If your theme is purple and you want it to be the base color of the backdrop, you can buy a purple silk cloth and pair it with a purple sequin cloth or net fabric.

Then you’ll need a baby shower banner that can be silver, golden or pink to stand out on a dark purple wall. You can also buy butterflies separately for the backdrop that you can paste around the banner. Again, silver, white, golden color butterflies will stand out on a dark purple background.

Butterfly Photo Booth and Props

Butterfly photo booths and props can also be bought pre-made or DIY. They are cheap accessories that are available in Etsy stores. Props in baby shower photos can make them look more fun and customized. Many baby shower props have funny quotes, mustaches, or baby’s accessories that add more fun to taking photos.

Additionally, props can give your guests and parents-to-be an awesome party experience. You can create props at home with wooden skewers, chart paper, colorful computer papers, and some glue. Prop printable files are available on Pinterest for free. Simply download and print them.

Cut out the props, paste them on chart paper, attach a wooden skewer in the middle of both sheets, and voila! You have your customized DIY part props ready within an hour.


Butterfly Themed Onesie Station

In the absence of an extra table for gifts, the guests might start putting gifts on the center table, or start gathering around it. To keep guests up and moving, you need a onesie table for gifts, party games, face paints, and snacks. Or use two tables, if you have plenty of a guest. One table for gifts and the other away from it for snacks or DIY games or activities.

You can put water bubble bottles, face paints, candy rings, or snacks on the table for the kids. You don’t want the guests especially the kids to get bored while you are waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Butterfly Themed Games

A baby shower is incomplete without baby shower games. Ideally, you should play 2 or 3 games so that later guests can get some time to socialize. You can print baby shower games that require guests to fill a questionnaire. Or you can also play the diaper throw game, baby’s diaper changing game, draw the baby, or other games that are more fun.


For baby shower game ideas, you can go to Pinterest and also find downloadable and printable files.

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