Sweet and Silly Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Sharing the news about whether you’re expecting a girl or a boy is an exciting event for the whole family.

If you want to make it a surprise, try out one of the gender reveal cake ideas below. This is also a perfect opportunity to get creative with the reveal itself. Instead of calling or messaging everyone, plan a big reveal party where the surprise will be hidden within the cake.

If you’re planning to announce baby’s gender this way, here are some amazing ideas for you!

Here are Some Amazing and Creative Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Dark blue and bright pink polka dots cake

You can make this cute half and half cake by using dark blue and bright pink food coloring. It’s certainly a nice touch when you add two colored dots in the middle. To complete this delicious surprise, create “he” and “she” blocks.  These will serve as a perfect top decoration for this gender reveal cake.

dark-blue-bright-pink gender reveal cake ideas


Polka dots with tiny baby shoes

This delicious cake also uses polka dots as an inspiration for the decoration. But instead of blocks, this cake features the most adorable tiny shoes on the top. As you cut the cake and serve it to your guests, they’ll see the big gender reveal inside the cake. The cream inside it will be tinted blue or pink to reveal the gender.

Polka dots with tiny baby shoes gender reveal cake ideas


Onesie with cute buttons

Now, this is a cute gender reveal cake idea! Shaped like a baby onesie, this cake has tiny pink and blue buttons and the message written across the cake “Bowties or Bows? Nobody knows.” It doesn’t get more perfect than that!

Onesie with cute buttons gender reveal cake ideas


Batman gender reveal cake

Here’s a super idea to share the news about baby’s gender! The Batman symbols are part of this cake, one blue and one pink. The color inside the cake is going to reveal whether the proud parents are expecting a boy or a girl. Superhero baby! It’s a great way to play around with pink and blue color themes.

Batman gender reveal cake gender reveal cake ideas


Cute Elephant cake

Here’s a simple and sweet gender reveal cake idea for the minimalists out there. The adorable little elephants are the same color. A pink bow and blue bowtie add just a hint of curiosity. The giant question mark begs the big question, is it a boy or a girl?

Cute Elephants cake gender reveal cake ideas


Little Lady or Little Man cake

Playing around with gender reveal cakes has never been more fun! Just look at this wonderful cake with pink and blue roses, pink bows, and blue mustaches. To top it off, there is a cute message written on the top of the cake saying: “Little lady or little man.” How sweet!

Little Lady or Little Man cake gender reveal cake ideas


It’s a… gender reveal cake

This gender reveal cake is truly a masterpiece of cuteness! The bright blue and pink, the baby sneakers, and the cute, little heart make this one of our absolute favorites. Spelling “It’s a…” at the top only increases the anticipation for the moment everyone is waiting for. Have fun teasing and hinting. Then finally surprise everyone when you cut the cake for the big reveal!

It’s a… gender reveal cake gender reveal cake ideas


Luke or Leia?

So many parents are fans of legendary sci-fi movie Star Wars, so it’s only fair to have one of those gender reveal cake ideas inspired by the Star Wars movies. A Luke or Leia cake combines pink and blue frosting with adorable images of the characters from the movie.

Luke or Leia? gender reveal cake ideas


Tractors or tiaras

Although blue is most commonly used for boys, we’ve substituted green here instead. Green is for tractors and pink is for tiaras, but what the parents are expecting remains to be seen. Adding a toy tractor and a small tiara on top surely makes this cake even more unique. This one is amazing if you’re looking for something personal and original.

Tractors or tiaras gender reveal cake ideas


He or she? Open to see…

Again, sweet and simple. This cake is a perfect combination of an adorable zigzag pattern, a skillfully designed bow on top, and the cutest little onesie outfits. The blue tie and pink skirt are creative variations on the traditional blue bow tie and pink bow.

He or she? Open to see…gender reveal cake ideas


Baby in the box

Now this gender reveal cake idea is just silly! And fabulous! Someone quite skillful at cake decorating created this one, and it’s beyond adorable. Baby is eagerly leaning inside and no one can see if it’s a boy or a girl! Don’t you just want to pick it up and hug it?

Baby in the box gender reveal cake ideas


What’s the scoop?

If you’re having an ice cream party, here’s the perfect gender reveal cake for you. The top of the cake is decorated with melted ice-cream with pink and blue scoops. There is also a cute little banner that says, “What’s the scoop?!”

What’s the scoop?!gender reveal cake ideas


Twinkle, twinkle little baby

The words of a famous lullaby “twinkle, twinkle little star… how we wonder what you are…” were the inspiration behind this gender reveal cake. Since the lullaby is normally sung to put the baby to sleep, it’s so cute to put moon and star decorations on the cake. The blue color of the frosting doesn’t mean that the family is expecting a boy, it’s only the color of the sky (which is why a pink bow was added). There’s still a surprise inside!

Twinkle, twinkle little baby gender reveal cake ideas


It’s a… polka dots gender reveal cake

This cake is an amazing gender reveal cake idea if you want to make a simple one at home. All you need is plenty of food coloring in pink or blue, which will be used to color the inside of the cake. Adding a thick layer of frosting on top of the cake will prevent anyone from figuring out the big surprise up front. If you’re looking for creative gender reveal cake ideas, this could be the one.

It’s a… polka dots gender reveal cake gender reveal cake ideas


Question mark surprise cake

The concept with this one is pretty similar to the previous cake, but instead of food coloring you’ll use pink or blue colored candy. Buy a lot of sprinkles and small candies that will be hidden inside! The cake is very easy to make for anyone hosting a gender reveal party. How festive!

Question mark surprise cake gender reveal cake ideas


And if you don’t like cake – Here are some Fun gender reveal cupcake ideas

Star Wars cupcakes

Since we’ve already shared Star Wars inspired cake, we simply must share matching cupcakes as well. These vanilla and chocolate cupcakes have pink, blue, and white frosting. Different decorations symbolize the famous movie characters.

Star Wars cupcakes gender reveal cake ideas


Secretive heart cupcakes

These gender reveal cupcakes have pink, blue, and white swirled frosting on top that hides the secret. There is a colored heart in the center of the cupcake, revealing the baby’s gender when you bite into it! It’s a wonderful idea to hide the exciting news this way. The heart makes it really special…and yummy!

Secretive heart cupcakes gender reveal cake ideas


Candy cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes are filled with candy in pink or blue, depending on whether the parents are expecting a boy or a girl. You simply bake any type of cupcakes you like and know how to make. For example, you could do something easy and make vanilla cupcakes. You’ll need to cut a hole in each cupcake, fill it with candy and then add frosting and sprinkles on top of it. As your guests try out the cupcakes, they’ll come across hidden candy inside, which will make everyone smile. Embrace yourself for congratulations. So sweet!

Candy cupcakes gender reveal cake ideas


Gender reveal filled cupcakes

These cupcakes are similar to the ones before, but instead of candy, these cupcakes are filled with colored frosting. The cupcakes on this image are vanilla bean cupcakes. They are made out of vanilla bean buttercream frosting so the blue would really shine through, but you can choose any other recipe for the cupcakes to match your preference.

Gender reveal filled cupcakes gender reveal cake ideas


Boy or girl cupcake surprise

These cupcakes are so beautifully decorated that your guests are going to love them. Again the basic cupcake recipe will do, but what you want to focus on here is the topping. Use pink and blue food coloring to get the frosting of the desired color. Prepare the tops using cookie cutters and white frosting to spell the word girl or boy on the top. You can either choose to serve both and leave others wondering about the gender, or you can only serve one type of these cupcakes for an instant reveal. Ta-da!

Boy or girl cupcake surprise gender reveal cake ideas


One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is the joy and excitement that comes from finding out if you’re having a boy or a girl. With so many different ways to announce the baby’s gender, making cakes or cupcakes seems like a very creative and delicious way to celebrate the special reveal.

Use one of these amazing gender reveal cakes ideas and have fun making desserts for your family and friends.

Featured image source: www.lenzo.com.au

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