The Best Way to Plan a Baby Shower with the GoHappy App – A Real Mom Review

Organizing a baby shower can be a daunting task to even a seasoned party planner, but with the GoHappy app, it can be a breeze. 

GoHappy is not your standard party-planning app. It allows for such a versatile use that even people without the app can interact. It makes communication and planning an event easy. It is definitely worth checking out! Here’s why.


GoHappy is an app for everyone. Whether it is a baby shower or a sip-n-see, this tool can help make planning go smoothly. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and under-equipped, then there are many aspects of GoHappy that could be of assistance.

If you just want an easy way to share plans and interact with potential guests, friends, and family, this is for you.


GoHappy has many great features to explore. It is not limited to only those who download the actual app, and it is not just a service that simply sends out invites. It has some quite unique aspects and options.

1. Easy Scheduling

You are allowed to set a date and time and then forward all the information to invited guests. Another great option is that you can send a poll of dates and times to everyone invited. Then everyone can vote on what would work best for them. You could then pick the best date based on votes.

It makes it easier for people to be able to sync their schedules and attend.

2. Communication

You don’t have to actually download the app to respond or interact with those who do. GoHappy allows everyone invited to communicate through different portals such as email, SMS, social media, and copy link. People invited can also message each other and see who is coming and who is not.

This opens up a great line of communication and not every app allows for interaction through so many different ways.

3. Photo Sharing

You know at every event it seems like so many great photos are taken but not shared due to privacy issues. GoHappy makes sharing photos with each other hassle free and private. You can even get a memorable print of that group photo everyone wants by going to the keepsakes tab in the moments section and ordering one.

Just being able to share photos privately is a great feature in itself.

4. Not Just For Party Planning

GoHappy can be used in other ways, too! It’s not just for planning a party and inviting people. Some people have found that it is an excellent way to privately share photos of their little one with close friends and family without posting them to social media. Others find it helpful when planning other things like a girls night out.

There are so many great features that GoHappy offers its users these are just a few.


The only draw back we can see is if the people who are to be invited don’t have access to the internet or a cell phone. Honestly, there are not many drawbacks at all.


GoHappy allows even the novice party planner to breathe a sigh of relief. This app makes it simple to reach out to numerous people all at once. The fact that you can allow people to vote on a time and date is also impressive. Being able to share photos privately with those who were invited or on your event list is a wonderful aspect.

You could even add Grandma, who couldn’t make it. At least she’ll be able to see the photos and feel like she was there. Mom could create a plan for when after the baby is born. Adding only close family and friends. Then she could share exclusive pics!

Another benefit is the fact that, besides the prints you could order, GoHappy is free.

This app can be useful for everyone. This versatile service that makes party planning and communicating easier should not be overlooked. Using it is actually straightforward and fun.
Overall we highly recommend GoHappy for planning any event. Try it and let us know what you think, currently, goHappy app is available for iOS only.

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