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Mother’s Day Baby Shower Ideas You Will Love

If you’re organizing a Mother’s Day baby shower and need some great ideas, we have a perfect collection for you!

We have found some of the best suggestions and ideas to help you organize a wonderful Mother’s Day baby shower. Take a look!

Start with a buffet

Setting up a buffet is a great way to proudly display all of those delicious treats you have prepared for your guests. Of course, since this is a baby shower inspired by Mother’s Day celebration, make sure to remind your guests by placing a framed blackboard or a banner inside the buffet.

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Mother's Day baby shower ideas coffee with mom

Fancy outdoor lunch

If you have a large back garden, you could go for an outdoor lunch. Here’s a suggestion…how about a fancy lunch with candlesticks and colorful flower buckets that perfectly match this rustic setting?

Lunch outside for mothers day baby shower

Sweeten the day

Although you might choose a lunch over a buffet, it’s still a good idea to have a set of small desserts served in your house or outdoors. Guests can help themselves whenever they crave something sweet. Plus, this is one of those great Mother’s Day baby shower ideas where you get to show off your baking skills!

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sweet cake for mother's day baby shower

Don’t forget healthy snacks

Even though many people like to “break the rules” when attending a party, some still like to stick to their diet. Don’t forget to add a couple of healthy snacks for all those hard-working mamas who are doing their best to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Also, moms-to-be will certainly appreciate a couple of healthy options with no added sugar. Not only are these snacks healthy, they can look adorable too.

hors d'oeuvres for mother's day baby shower

Play a game

Having all your friends around is a perfect opportunity to play a fun game. Here is one that a lot of mamas love playing when attending baby showers. Use a blackboard or large piece of paper and choose one pregnant mama to go first. The chosen mama says her name, her husband’s name, and their last name(s). Write all of those names of the board (or paper). The goal for other mamas is to try to think of as many baby names as possible using the letters they see on the board. It is fun to think of all of those different names, plus some mamas might get inspired by some of the names suggested during the game.

Baby Shower, Games Ideas

Learn and play

Here is another game which is quite educational for those mamas expecting their first child. You need to prepare a baby doll and a couple of diapers. The goal is to host a competition where mamas will take turns changing the baby. The fastest mama is the winner! For all those first-time mamas, this is a great chance to learn how to handle one of the tasks they are going to face as soon as their little one is born.

Baby Shower Games, Diaper Changing

Happy Mother’s Day sign

Adding a card or a small banner with “Happy Mother’s Day” message is a nice decorative touch, especially if you place it among the treats. Just imagine all the mamas’ faces as they notice the sign while reaching out for a yummy cupcake or delicious fruit tart.

Baby Shower, Mother's Day, Baby Shower Theme, Flower Power

What’s the best idea for a Mother’s Day baby shower? Have fun!

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