A Guide for a St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower

Are you planning a St. Patrick’s Day baby shower? Our quick-and-easy guide has everything you need to know!

If pregnancy brain is already taking over, don’t worry! Our list below will ensure that you don’t forget a thing if you’re helping to plan your baby shower. If you’re throwing a baby shower for someone, we’ll walk you through every step. From invitations to culinary creations, we’re here to make sure you have the best St. Patrick’s Day baby shower ever!

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower themes

Green is the traditional color for St. Patrick’s Day, right? You can easily base your baby shower theme around this. However, adding other colors into the mix, like golds, oranges, and yellows, will keep things vibrant and exciting.

Bear in mind that green may not be everyone’s favorite color, but there are plenty of different shades of it available so you should be able to find one that will help set the scene.

When we think of St.Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold come to mind.  Try incorporating these into your baby shower.

If you have a warm season or beautiful weather on the outlook for this particular day, head outdoors and take advantage of the greenery surrounding you. Plants, trees, flowers, and bushes are all perfect and natural decor for your shower. Cold winter season? Stay indoors but look at placing greenery around the room to help set your theme.

St. Patrick’s day baby shower invitations

St. Patricks Day invitations

Once we have ideas flowing for the theme, its time to work out a guest list and start writing out the invitations. You can find St. Patrick’s Day invitations

on Amazon.

If you decide to DIY, here are some suggestions for the wording:

  • A little shamrock is on the way. Let’s shower the lucky mommy today!
  • O’baby a lucky charm is on the way. Please join us for a baby shower honoring (expecting mom’s name here).
  • Please join us for a wee bit of fun, as we celebrate the arrival of a new little one.
  • What’s better than a pot of gold? A sweet little baby to cuddle and hold. Join us to celebrate (expecting mom’s name here).

Don’t forget to include all those important details such as date, place, time, and RSVP info.

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower food and beverages

Don’t forget that all-important food and drink! Continuing with the St Patrick’s Day theme, make sure to incorporate your color selections into your food and beverages.

Food Suggestions

  • A platter of green finger food such as cucumber, broccoli, and celery. Pair with a delicious flavored dip!
  • A fruit platter that is arranged in the shape of a rainbow is a way to add color to your spread.
  • Use an edible to spray Oreos to look like gold coins!
  • Deviled eggs stuffed with avocado will be a hit.
  • Platters of bite-sized food will make it easier for your guests to grab and eat. Items such as mini quiche, bruschetta with feta, tomato, and basil, and mini-club sandwiches are all a treat!
  • Be sure to serve your baby shower food with .

Drink Suggestions

  • Upon arrival, offer your guests a glass of shamrock punch – mix lime juice and lemonade together, then add a touch of all-natural green food coloring and stir. Pour into a large punch bowl and place in some freshly cut lime and ice.
  • Green tea
  • A selection of fruit juice because not everyone will want a green beverage
  • Fruit-infused water

Having a drink station is a great idea because it allows your guests to help themselves. In keeping with the theme, pair your drinks with


Saint Patty's Day Party Straw Decor with Paper Straws - Set of 24

St. Patrick’s day baby shower decorations

Moving onto decorations…there are tons of options to spruce up the St. Patrick’s Day party. Here are some ideas:

Green ref with clovers

Pinterest has a ton of ideas so be sure to check it out, too.

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower cake ideas

There are a few options when it comes to the cake. You can either get a big cake and have it decorated in the theme of St. Patrick’s Day or consider cupcakes! They are small, easy to eat, and can make an incredible centerpiece.

You can find

or these adorable to place on the top of your cake or cupcakes.

Cupcake rings

Not keen on a cake you can eat? You may want to opt for diaper cakes, as they’re fast becoming a popular hit. They look great and the parents have the bonus of extra diapers!  You can get one

, and just add on any additional theme decorations.

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower games

No party is complete without a few fun games! As the guests arrive at the baby shower, have them guess how many green jelly beans are in a baby’s bottle. Also, have a game of

or  ready to go. Other ideas include:

  • Pin the pacifier on the dummy
  • Melt chocolate into diapers and have everyone try and guess which chocolate it is
  • If the baby’s gender is a surprise, have your guests jot down if they think the baby is a boy or girl, what day it may arrive, and how much they think the baby will weigh. This is fun to look back on when the baby is born.
  • A St. Patrick’s Day trivia quiz

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower centerpieces

Centerpieces always help create a stunning atmosphere at any party, and there are so many options available! Consider these:

  • The diaper cake as mentioned above will make a unique centerpiece
  • Green flowers, or greenery placed in a tall glass vase
  • .
  • A glass jar filled with green marbles, stones, or glass pebbles
  • Green candle arrangement

Be sure to check out Pinterest for other inspiring ideas.

St. Patrick’s Day baby shower favors

At the end of your baby shower, send you guests on their way with some cute favors. Ideas you may like to consider are:

Lime green pail with handle

  • A candy bar with a selection of flavored sweets, and as your guests leave the party they can fill a with treats!
  • Gift a bottle of and a loofah with a note saying “Thanks for coming! From our shower to yours.”
  • A pot of chocolate coins
  • Cookies shaped like a shamrock stored in a little favors box
  • A small potted plant
  • A mason jar filled with a few pamper treats – like nail polish, nail file, and hand cream

There you have it – our complete guide to a St. Patrick’s Day baby shower. We hope this has given you some much-needed ideas and inspiration to help you throw an unforgettable baby shower!

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