Summer Inspired Outdoor Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Nice weather is a great excuse to organize activities outside.  It’s no surprise more and more moms-to-be choose to have their baby showers outdoors when the weather’s good.

If you’re planning a baby shower outside, we have some beautiful, summer-inspired outdoor baby shower decoration ideas for you!

Let us help you decorate your garden for an elegant, and memorable, baby shower. What better way to celebrate the arrival of new life than outside, surrounded by life-giving Mother Nature?

Outdoor Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Mama-To-Be Banner

Mama-to-be should have an honorable place at the table. You’re not only celebrating her little bundle of joy. You’re celebrating her amazing pregnancy journey as well.

A cool way to give her some extra special treatment would be to hang this cute mama-to-be banner on her chair.

You can add similar banners to other chairs to mark places at the table for special guests, like great-grandma or folks visiting from out of town. These banners will also make for great baby shower pictures!

chair decoration

Flowers and other decorations

Flowers can make beautiful and uplifting additions to any table. You don’t even need fancy vases. Find some jars in your cupboard or at a thrift store to match your decorating theme and you’re all set!

Make sure to choose flowers that match your decorating/color theme, and aim for mild-scented, low pollen ones if you think any guests might be allergic.

You can also use mason jars as cups to match the vases on the table. Adding stickers, bows, and other small touches will make these simple jars come to life.

As a bonus, you can copy the straw below and announce the baby’s gender in a sweet and subtle way. No need for the obvious pink or blue! A soft color with an elegant font is all it takes. You can even handwrite it to make it truly personal. You can also combine this with these gender reveal cake ideas.


In addition to (or instead of) real flowers, below is an example of some gorgeous paper ones you can use. If you’re into crafts, this could be an excellent way to create some very pretty decorations. Hang them above the table, use them as centerpieces, or dangle them from the back of the chairs. You can even hang them from the porch and along some trees to guide guests to the meal table.

flower decoration


When setting up the tables, there are so many wonderful options to help you create a fairy-like, outdoor scene. Below is an example that includes flowers and a foliage table runner to really embrace the nature theme. The feeling is perfect for a spring, summer, or autumn baby shower. The wooden tables really enhance the effect.


When choosing the tableware, you could opt for one design and keep it simple or you can make it fun and playful with lots of colors like in the example below.

table decorations

Fresh drinks

Fresh drinks are an absolute must-have at an outdoor baby shower. Choose light and healthy options such as homemade iced tea, freshly squeezed juice, and lemonade. If it’s a hot day, make sure you add plenty of ice to keep those drinks cool for your guests. You may even want a bucket or cooler of ice nearby for folks to easily refresh their cups.


Shade from umbrellas

This one is by far one of our favorite outdoor baby shower decoration ideas. What a fabulous way to keep cool during a summer party! If you’re anticipating a sunny day for your outdoor baby shower and location doesn’t offer shade, make your own! To match the photo below you’ll need lots of colorful umbrellas and ropes to hang them from above the table. The umbrellas you choose can even set the color theme and tone for the rest of the decorations.

Shade from umbrellas

Picnic style

Instead of setting a full table for your girlfriends, here’s a really fun and intimate outdoor baby shower idea. Have a picnic in the garden! All you need is a comfortable blanket and a few cushions for sitting and leaning on. You’ll only need one table for the buffet and a second for the gifts. Decorations such as flowers and small stuffed animals are simple, yet perfect. Oh, and don’t forget the balloons!

picnic baby shower

Gift stand

As per tradition, a baby shower is an occasion where guests will likely bring presents. Make sure you have a nice gift stand/table to keep all the presents until the time for opening them arrives. Opening presents is a highlight of many baby showers, although most folks do it at the end so guests who are short on time can still enjoy the food and participate in the games.

Gift stand

Baby Shower Menus for Summer

For outdoor and casual baby showers, you can serve snacks and food that is filling but easy to carry around and can be eaten on paper plates. You can serve sandwiches, quiche, tuna sushi, spring rolls, Swedish meatballs, tacos, baby shower theme cupcakes, and other light snacks. If you want to do something quick and easy, you can go with pizza and some fizzy drinks only. The menu for baby shower depends on the guests, if your guests would like to have pizza more, why not order pizza that is quick, easy, and convenient.

In the end, all you need are simple supplies, a little bit of time, and as much creativity as you want to muster.

Keep exploring different outdoor baby shower decoration ideas and let us know if you found anything really fabulous that we missed!


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