10 Signs Your Baby Is Coming ASAP! A Humorous Look…

When you are having contractions, it can be hard to know when your bundle is coming for sure.

The best thing to do when you think Baby is coming is to be safe and consult your doctor or midwife for the real signs.

This post presents the more humorous, but still mostly true, signs…

Signs That Baby Is Coming ASAP!

  1. You’ve exhausted every possible pregnancy craving.
  2. The baby clothes you bought are totally outdated.
  3. You do more peeing at night than sleeping.
  4. Your husband’s on edge every time you sneeze.
  5. Walking from the couch to the kitchen is a workout.
  6. Even your boobs are impressed with themselves.
  7. Your footwear options are at an all-time low.
  8. There’s only enough room for one of you.
  9. Greetings are tricky.
  10. Your rings stopped fitting months ago.

Are you there? Are you experiencing these?

10 Signs Your Baby is Ready to Come Out (featuring BumpsAlongTheWay!)

For the true and physical signs that labor is near, check out:

10 Signs That Labor Is Near, What To Expect

“It’s the event you’ve been happily anticipating (and fearfully dreading) for months: Your baby’s birth! Many an expectant mama has wondered — and worried — about signs of labor.”

Wishing you a safe labor!

This post is not intended as medical advice. But, we hope it made you laugh. Always take any concerns you have to a medical professional.

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