A Baby In Progress Needs Peace

Give Baby The Gift Of PEACE.

What can you do, during pregnancy, to help develop baby’s brain?

“The baby wants to be left alone…At least at first.”

That bold statement comes via John Medina author of the National Bestseller, Brain Rules for Baby.

With baby pumping out around 8,000 neurons per second, it’s easy to see why! A quiet, happy, peaceful mother, often leads to a quiet, happy, and peaceful baby.

 Wouldn’t it be easier to let the baby be? You would think so, but in an effort to “stimulate” baby’s developing brain, we often go to great links not to leave baby alone. But, Medina makes a case against using “brain stimulating sounds and products in those early days of your fetus…

No commercial product has ever been shown to improve the brain performance of a developing fetus. 

Instead of commercial products, Medina says that these 4 Factors determine baby’s brain development in utero:

  • Weight
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Exercise

The pregnant mom can work on gaining just the right amount of weight to account for baby. Not too much, not too little. Eating the right foods (check with your nutritionist). Avoid too much stress and exercise just the right amount. This requires some discipline in moderation.

You can also visit- www.brainrules.net 

Baby Needs Peace and Quiet


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