What Are The First Things That Will Happen Once Baby Is Born?

The anticipation, the not knowing, can be excruciating. While you can not completely prepare, here are the first things that will happen when your baby is born to help you feel a bit more at ease.

Suzanne, a midwife, explains the first things that will happen once your baby is born…

First Things First

  • Baby will be wet and covered in a creamy substance.
  • Newborns are not washed immediately because temperature needs to stay up, so baby will be wrapped.
  • Baby will be delivered to your chest for skin to skin contact.
  • Baby prepared for first feeding.
  • If you have a C-Section, an injection will be given to deliver the after birth.
  • The umbilical cord will be clamped and cut.
  • Baby will be examined and monitored.
  • Baby will receive identification.
  • Newborn check.

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Once your precious bundle is born, the toughest part of your pregnancy journey may indeed be over, but the process of childbirth continues for a couple of weeks as your body starts to recover and adjust to its new role.

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Do you feel more at ease now? Wishing you an easy birth and beautiful delivery!


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