Labor And Delivery: The Truth About The Pain

Do you want the truth about childbirth pain?

Not to scare you, but labor and delivery can be a painful experience for some, but not all, women. Regardless, it is an experience that’s absolutely worth it. Keep that in mind as you read this roundup.

Everyone’s experience is different and some moms experience little pain. However, in case you want to explore all sides, here’s moms telling the truth about labor and delivery… brace yourself!

True Stories Labor And Delivery
The Truth About Labor Pain, Fit Pregnancy

For one mom, it was the worst pain of her life. Another mom says it was “downright uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful.” She goes on to say…

“I was surprised that it never really felt beyond my tolerance level, which is very low.”

Yes, women have completely different experiences of labor.

Read about how the labor pain progresses here.

The Truth About Childbirth Pain, Scary Mommy

Labor and delivery nurse, Chloe Jefferys, says,

“Many women are so sure they’ll get an epidural that they go into labor unprepared for pain, thinking it’s optional. Sorry, ladies, but that’s not reality. Here’s the reality about childbirth pain…”

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Myths And Truths, Birthing Naturally 

Want to know the myths and truths of labor pain when going the natural route? Birthing naturally has your answers.

Myths like labor is always excruciating and you have to have a high pain tolerance are among the BUSTED.

20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth, Cosmopolitan

From how your water really breaks to relating an epidural to ecstacy, this post is sure to inform and amuse.

Group Forums

If you want to read the real experiences of moms who have gone before, be sure to check out the BabyCenter Forum question “Someone PLEASE tell me the REAL truth about labor. I want to know all the stuff they DONT tell you!!” and read the answers.

Real moms answer what labor felt like for them: What does labour and delivery actually feel like? Parenting 

Finally, check out this TEDx talk by Ina May Gaskin, often referred to as the “mother of authentic midwifery,” where she refers to the book  

in saying:

“Unbearable labor pain is almost always associated with fear. Fear and lack of good preparation during pregnancy, and perhaps lack of understanding labor.”

Watch below to learn more!

Reducing Fear of Birth

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