Looking for a Hospital to Give Birth At?

The hospital, doctors, nurses, IV’s, and monitors can be unnerving for anyone – especially a first-time, expectant Mom who has no idea what to expect during labor.

It is recommended that pregnant women take a tour of the hospital they intend to give birth at.

Here are 12 questions you should ask when touring the maternity ward.

Questions for a Prenatal Hospital Visit

1. Do you have private rooms?

This may be the most important question any woman wants to know about the hospital where they intend to give birth. The thought of having someone on the other side of the curtain is enough to make anyone anxious.

A private room will most probably cost extra so find out ahead of time.


2. How many people can I have in the birthing room?

Every hospital has their own rules. Most women only want their partner and their midwife in the birthing room. Others want their mom, sister, doula, and best friend, not to mention their mother-in-law who may feel left out and that aunt they just can’t seem to say no to.

Ask and plan accordingly.

3. Will my baby be taken away from me right after giving birth?

Ask what happens immediately after giving birth. Babies require skin to skin contact with their mother as soon as they are born. Some hospitals enforce this policy religiously; others will first check the baby and clean him before giving him to Mom. If you have a c-section, the rules will differ slightly.

Does your preference go against the hospital’s policy? Maybe it’s not the right hospital for you.


4. Will my baby be taken to a different room?

Depending on the hospital you give birth at; your baby may be taken to a different room if they need evaluation. Some hospitals will not take the child from the room unless accompanied by your partner. Please note that this is not standard for all hospitals, ask their policy and communicate any concerns you have.

5. Will I be offered breastfeeding support?

Hospital staff know the importance of breastfeeding and can offer support in the form of one-on-one counseling sessions or group lactation sessions. Ask the hospital if they provide individualized support if necessary. The more support you have, the better. Traditionally, new moms had multiple family members around to help them acclimate to breastfeeding. If you don’t have that kind of “tribe,” find it wherever you can!

6. What is your policy on pacifiers and formula?

Before you pick a hospital to give birth at, check their policy on formula feeding if you have no intention to breastfeed. Also find out their policy on pacifiers. Since neither are the biological norm for newborns, hospitals may have special policies around either or both.


7. Am i allowed to take photos?

Birth and labor photography are becoming increasingly popular. If you plan on doing this, ask the hospital first. A photographer may not be allowed in the birthing room so ask before you book one.

8. Where do we park?

Knowing where you will park ahead of time will relieve lots of anxiety on the day you go to give birth.

9. Can I pre-register?

Being pre-registered makes the actual delivery process easier and much smoother. Many hospitals will allow this so you don’t have to deal with paperwork while you’re in the middle of contractions.


10. Can my other kids visit?

Maternity wards usually have strict policies on who can and can’t visit.

11. Are breast pumps available?

Depending on the hospital you give birth at, you will be provided with a breast pump either at a cost or for free.

12. What if I need a c-section?

You never know what will happen so it’s important to be informed. Ask.


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