Real Parents Talk: What We Wish We Had Known

Let’s face it…some things you just do not know until after the fact. But, today we’re here to prepare you with a great list of random answers from parents who were asked a question like…

“What do you wish you had known before bringing home your first baby?”

Prepare For Baby With Great Hindsight

The first answers come via Today Parents,

  • Stock up on those mesh panties they give you at the hospital. (Angie Goff)

“They are ugly as sin but unbelievably comfortable. Let’s hear it for power panties!”

  • Don’t lose sight of your own identity. (Jenny Fenig)

“Love yourself so much that you’re not willing to lose yourself. Because when you lose yourself, everyone loses. Your family needs you. Most of all, you need you. So, be kind to yourself.”

And this oh so true point via Nicole of Planning With Kids,

  • Babies don’t just fall to sleep straight away

In the first 36 hours we were home from hospital, I pretty much fed him non-stop. I would feed him, burp him, try to put him in his bassinet to sleep. I would give him a little pat, walk out and pray he would go to sleep. He wouldn’t, he’d cry and make this sucking motion. I thought he must still be hungry, so I would feed him again. Then I would repeat this over and over again. ~Keep Reading Here

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

From my own personal experience, I wish I had asked for more help, especially during the newborn period. I thought I should be able to do it all myself and I ended up sleep-deprived to the point of being not functional! ~via SecretsOfBabyBehavior

  • How to keep myself fed

I wish I had put together a file folder with the names of restaurants that deliver, and kept that and plenty of cash next the phone — to make things super convenient in the beginning when you’re crazy with figuring out feedings and diaper changes and such. ~BabyCenter

  • It’s a phase, keep it in perspective

Repeat after me: It’s just a phase! (Natalie Morales)

“What did I learn? What every parent learns at some point — it’s just a phase! Though a long and painful one that lasted almost a year. … I know now that through it all my kids love me with all their hearts, even though they don’t always show it.” ~Today

  • Don’t be so afraid of “breaking” baby

Don’t isolate the baby: he won’t break. (Darlene Rodriguez)

“Babies are strong, pliable, malleable. They should be held by different people and the occasional snotty nose toddler’s germs will make your baby’s immune system stronger.” ~Today 

Remember, a lot of advice you receive may not be right for you. Take it all in stride!

“Do what works for you and don’t get on the internet. Cause you can Google anything and everybody has an opinion.”


10 Things I Wish I knew Before I Became A Parent

10. Do what works for you, you know what to do, and don’t care what others think.

9. Get on a schedule, get on a schedule, get on a schedule! “Schedule is key to sleep.”

8. Parenting is hard and sometimes you can’t handle it. Take time out.

7. Discover who they are and let them be.

6. Be prepared for the unexpected because it will happen.

5. Make room for the baby and all that goes with him or her. “He’s five pounds and he has his own room. I don’t even have my own room.”

4. Be present, don’t give all the moments away. “Memories are the only thing you will have left after all is said and done.” Whew! That one’s a tearjerker, right! “Worth it. All of it.”

3. Be grateful. “We’re grateful for her life every day. Best thing that ever happened to us.”

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. “It’s going to be ok.”

1. You are going to love this little person more than you ever thought possible. “All the love.”

For the love of parents, pass it on…






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