Post-Pregnancy Body

You are all about preparing for baby during your pregnancy and rightly so, but what about after. Towards the end of your term, it is a good idea to do a little post pregnancy prep!

In the book,

explain what a woman can expect to feel and experience both physically and emotionally. It is said to balance medical advice with practical tips. You can pick up a copy from your local library. The handbook talks about everything from handling expectations to dealing with the after effects of a cesarean. Here are some posts and video to help too…

Your post-pregnancy belly: Why it’s changed and how to tone it, BabyCenter

Tummy surprises and not good ones. But it’s ok!


6 Post-Pregnancy Body Changpost-pregnancyes You Didn’t Expect, WebMD

5 changes that you may not have considered. (Click the link above)

11 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy,

From hair loss to skin discoloration, remember you are not alone. Many women have come before. Just be prepared.

9 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Post-Pregnancy Bodies, HuffPost


The Post-Pregnancy Body; What to Expect

“I want to give you a heads up.”

Remember, you have a new amazing bundle of joy in your life, so keep all the changes in perspective. You created a human, you’re a rock star! 

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