How to Dress for the Best Maternity Photos

As a photographer, I often capture maternity photos. It is no rare experience to work with a couple on wearing their best.

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing! Capturing those moments before your little one arrives is absolutely necessary. You will cherish your maternity photos your entire life, and your child will grow up seeing your absolute love for him or her before you even met them.

With your body’s shape changing to accommodate your growing little one, you probably aren’t sure what looks best in front of a camera. Believe it or not, some patterns can make you appear much larger than you are while others compliment and flatter your beautiful baby bump.

First, here’s some basic rules for color contrast:

what to wear for maternity photos

Some of the very best maternity dresses or maxi skirts are white/transparent or pastel pink, but it is possible to find a pattern that works well. Most importantly, you want to choose clothing that you feel both comfortable and beautiful in!

Now, let’s talk maternity photo fashion details:

Try a maxi dress. Floor or knee length maxi dresses with chunky necklaces are incredibly flattering on a pregnant body. They focus on your beautiful baby bump while smoothing out and assisting areas you may deem troublesome. Try to find a maxi dress that has texture to it.

Solids are best. You may be able to find a pattern that flatters your body in front of the camera, but cameras can often bodies in patterns. I recommend sticking with solids.

maternity photos by Brianna Anderson, Maxi Dress

Avoid being too matchy-matchy with your partner. Matching and coordinating your outfits is great, especially for a photography session. However, if you are both wearing white or blue, it will be distracting. I recommend visiting Design Seeds and searching the palettes using your color as the base color to find complimentary colors for you and your partner.

Belt it. Find a cute and simple skinny belt to accentuate that baby bump. This will define your waistline and enhance any shirt or dress, flowy or fitted.

belts for maternity photos

Choose two outfits. Check with your photographer, but you should prepare at least two outfits! You will be so thankful when you have maternity photos in varying outfits, especially if it turns out you don’t feel one of the outfits was as flattering as you believed it to be.

Fitted versus flowy. Wearing a tight, fitted maternity dress that shows off all your beautiful curves looks absolutely stunning. Many women feel uncomfortable doing so, but if you choose a fitted dress you should know that you are more beautiful than you could possibly imagine! Flowy dresses are more popular because they feel a little less revealing. Both make stunning photos! Maybe bring one of each.

Outfit, Maternity Photos, Dress, Couple, Photoshoot

Timeless is best. Photography is no cheap investment. You will want to see these beautiful images for years, so do your best to find timeless styles. That way you aren’t looking back at your patterned outfit and think, “That was so 2016. I wish I would have gone with a more simple and solid outfit.” This is another reason I recommend solids!

Go seasonal. Is it spring? Choose soft, pastel colors. Is it winter? Go with light blue and white, crisp and chilly. Is it summer? Add a sun hat. Is it fall? Find a flattering cardigan or scarf.

beach maternity photos

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your photographer for tips on what to wear for your maternity shoot. They are ready to help and absolutely love doing so!

Now go shopping and get ready to wear your best for those beautiful maternity photos!

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