Beware the Hot Weather Pregnancy Swelling

So you, find out you’re expecting your long awaited bundle of joy.

It is sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and you are feeling great….until you do the math. You are now expecting a summer baby and will be heavily and uncomfortably pregnant in the middle of summer.

How will you survive?

You will, but hot weather pregnancy swelling is already on your mind. It may be uncomfortable but women have done it for centuries and so can you.

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  • Stay hydrated.

As a pregnant being, you know that drinking water is important. It is even more vital in the summer months when you will be losing hydration from sweating. Ironically, most swelling is caused by water retention. By staying hydrated, your body will have more water to spare and you won’t hold on to extra water causing swelling. So drink up to avoid swelling.

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  • Join a pool.

Not only is swimming great exercise but it will keep you cool. When not in the pool, stay in the shade. Or better yet, frequent an indoor pool to avoid the heat altogether and significantly reduce hot weather pregnancy swelling.

  • Pick your maternity clothes carefully.

Wear dresses, skirts, and anything flowy that will allow for a breeze.

  • Be aware of your body.

If you experience any swelling that is painful or red, call your doctor. It could be something more serious that needs to be evaluated. But also know that some swelling is, and will always be normal in pregnancy. You can even swell more on one side of the body versus the other depending on where your baby is laying in your belly.

  • Eat enough protein.

A pregnant woman requires up to 80-120 grams of protein per day! Inadequate protein during pregnancy leads to water retention, which leads to swelling. Make sure you’re getting enough protein.

  • Take care of yourself.
Do chores in the morning and evening when it will be cooler. If you are swelling, put your feet up. If you feel like you need to rest, rest. Your body will cool off from sweating but your baby will  not. Avoid caffeine as well.

A summer pregnancy may not be the most comfortable but it is doable and can be enjoyable. Hot weather will enhance pregnancy swelling but it is manageable. The key is to drink a ton of water and to relax when you need to. Pregnancy is an excuse to rest more. You and your baby both need it.


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