The Journey of 9 Months and Beyond!

Today’s post will be sharing resources for your 9 months of pregnancy and beyond! Parenting is a lifelong process once that fetus is in utero. Ready for the journey?

First, let’s start is with life in the womb. A whole 9 months in under 5 minutes!

Now let’s explore a month-by-month calendar and stages!

The Amazing Journey of Pregnancy, About Health

40 weeks, 266 days of remarkable changes.

9 months

Pregnancy Stages and Journey of 9 Months, Trends n Health

A first, second, and third trimester breakdown.

9 months

Nine Months Of Pregnancy Diary, Midwives Online

With entries like this one from month one:

“You may not realise it, or have only just found out you are pregnant, and because pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last menstrual period (when you weren’t even pregnant!) a whole month, or 4-5 weeks, may have passed already.” // Midwives Online

…you are sure to enjoy this read. Visit each month of your journey to see what the midwives have to say!

The 9-Month Journey, Parents

One sperm out of millions won the race! Now, what? This post via leads you on a month by month journey of you and baby before birth.

You can also watch the vulnerable journey as Sean Klitzer and partner share their experience from the beginning. Tears!

Our 9 Month Journey…


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