What Happens To The Body With Multiples

Having multiples?

What happens inside your body when you have multiples? A lot of expansion and stretching and change!

Many people became super curious about this after hearing of Nadya Suleman, a mother of octuplets. I mean, how can one woman carry eight babies? The below animation shows us what happened inside Nadya’s amazing body:

Inside Your Body With Multiples

  • The uterus grows a lot larger than in a single baby pregnancy.
  • Mom’s abdominal organs are compressed.
  • The extreme stress on Mom’s body can put mother and baby at risk.

Look at that belly!

Octomom became famous for being a mom of many multiples.

8 facts about ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman, USA Today ,

It may look painful, but Nadya gave birth to eight premature but otherwise healthy children on January 26, 2009. Her body handled eight babies perfectly!

Whether you’re having multiples or not, I think we can all agree having a single baby is a miracle. Having multiples only expands that miracle.

Your body is a miracle, too. It was made ready to grow a baby and give birth. If Nadya can give birth to eight healthy children, you can give birth to a healthy child, too!

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