8 Wonderful Mother’s Day Presents from Unborn Baby

A baby is already a mother’s best gift, but there are some pretty great ideas for Mother’s Day presents from an unborn baby that can make a beautiful surprise.

Since the most obvious things to use in these cases are the sonograms with pictures and recordings of the baby’s heartbeat, let’s see just how creative we can get with that and make one special woman happy on her first time celebrating Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the sweetest ideas for Mother’s Day presents from an unborn baby
  1. A cake – literally, the sweetest idea

Pastry chefs now have gotten cake making down to an art and there is literally nothing you cannot do with some marzipan and colored frosting. One of the favorites of mothers-to-be is the cake with a sonogram on the belly. The mother knows and feels her child growing and living inside of her, but it’s always great to give a face to all of these emotions. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can either get the sonogram printed all over a square cake, or have the cake shaped like a big belly and place the image on top or on one side of it. You can get wildly creative. The chefs are more than willing to help out.

mother's day ultrasound cake idea from unborn baby
  1. A picture composition frame

You may have thought about framing the sonogram yourself and this may not be something necessarily new and creative. The best way to make this present extra-special is to make a photographic composition which can also include some baby greetings, some wishes, a poem, or a quote the mom likes. Look for frames with several windows and you can even add a picture of mom and dad or of mom’s belly. If you know the mom and what she likes this can be a very insightful gift, one of the best Mother’s Day presents from her unborn baby she can receive.

  1. A necklace or a bracelet charm

Once they get their hands on the sonograms, parents like to look at them constantly. Surely you have seen expecting parents whip out the picture from their bags and wallets to show them off and it is understandable. Why not turn it into a nice pendant to attach to anything, from a key chain to a necklace or a bracelet? It will fare better than the original paper-printed version and it’s handier when she wants to show it. This certainly is one of the Mother’s Day presents from her unborn baby she will wear non-stop.

Mother's Day presents from unborn baby ultrasound necklace
  1. A beautiful baby album with the first few entries already filled out

She is going to get one anyway, so why not get a head start and turn it into one of the Mother’s Day presents from the unborn baby? This will certainly give the album an interesting twist, as many people like to have them addressed from parents to children or grandparents to parents and so on.

  1. Heartbeat stuffed animals

An adorable gift and a very sweet idea which gives the mother something to cling to before the baby is born and after the belly is gone are stuffed animals with the recorded heartbeat.

Mother's Day presents from unborn baby heartbeat stuffed animals
  1. Turn a sonogram into a beautiful painting

We are entering the more creative part of our list of ideas for Mother’s Day presents from the unborn baby. This is the first one. Get an artist to make his own interpretation of the sonogram. Make sure the vision of the artist is similar to something the mother might enjoy. This will be a unique and special gift.

Mother's Day presents from unborn baby ultrasound painting
  1. Turn the heartbeat into a song

The sound of the beating heart is impressive and it will mean a lot to the mother-to-be, so why not turn it into a song. Again, make sure that the artist you discuss the project with understands the tastes of the person the gift is intended for.

  1. A baby nightlight and background sound

You can combine both of the above-mentioned Mother’s Day presents from the unborn baby and make a soothing nightlight which can shine through the lines of the sonogram accompanied by the re-mastered sound of the baby’s heartbeat. It will remind the mother of the nice pregnancy moments even after her baby is born!

Remember, a new mother will enjoy any of these gifts because they will remind her of the tiny miracle growing inside of her.

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