How To Celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you’re expecting your first little human who will officially make you a “Mother.”

Are you allowed to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant, even without having sweet little cheeks to wipe, toes to count, and lips to smooch? Of course! You count 100%.

That baby inside of you, growing strong and beautiful, has a heartbeat and is your baby. The world may not have a bond with that little life, but you do. You are his or her mama. You have spent weeks or months worrying about every little movement, or lack of; wondering what he or she looks like; dreaming of and thinking up names for your precious son or daughter; making sacrifices to ensure he or she is as healthy and safe as possible.

You are a Mother.

How does one celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant? Here are some sweet and fun ideas:

Pregnancy announcement to celebrate mothers day

Announce Your Pregnancy
What a special day to announce to your family and friends that you are now a mommy! Hire a local photographer to do a short “pregnancy reveal” session and post a photo online or send it to your friends. Gather your family at Mother’s Day lunch and make the exciting news part of the celebration.

pregnancy spa celebrate mothers day

Rest & Relax & Treat Yourself
Allow yourself to do something sweet, calming, and relaxing. Maybe that’s a nap. Maybe it’s an afternoon at the spa. Maybe it’s yoga, or shopping for maternity clothes. Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever it is that you love to do and rarely make time for, give yourself permission to do just that. It’s your last Mother’s Day before you have a little one to celebrate with you – soak in the quiet, relaxing moments. Treating yourself during pregnancy is a must. What better day than Mother’s Day?

Projects for baby to celebrate mothers day

Projects for Baby
Spend the day working on projects in the nursery for your baby! You and Dad-to-be can make a list ahead of time of the top 3 projects you think will be really fun to work on together, then spend the day on them. There is nothing like preparing and focusing on your baby to celebrate your entry into motherhood.

write a letter to baby to celebrate mothers day while pregnant

Write a Letter To Your Baby
There is something to be said about writing little love letters to your baby growing in your womb. Spend Mother’s Day picking out a precious journal and then writing to him or her, letting her know your dreams and wishes, letting him know how much you love him. Plan to give it to your child in later years after the letters are all piled up. Make it a tradition! Write to your child every Mother’s Day.

ask to be to celebrate mothers day while pregnant

Ask Your Dad-to-Be for a Gift
Maybe that gift is a prenatal massage or a pedicure. Maybe it’s a sweet necklace, or maybe it is something else entirely. If there is something you are really hoping to receive on Mother’s Day, let your partner or husband know. Tell him it would mean a lot if he got you “this” to celebrate your motherhood. He is more than likely clueless as to what to gift you and would feel so lucky to be shown.

Whatever you decide to do on Mother’s Day, be sure you celebrate you, Mama! You count. Celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant! You are a very much a mother and this day is for you just as much as it is for the Mama of 6 children. Enjoy!


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