Cute Easter Maternity Dresses for Every Trimester

Easter is just around the corner. Why not celebrate with a couple of cute Easter maternity dresses and show off that pregnancy glow?

Now that we’re entering the season of floral prints, adorable pastels, and bright colors, have some fun and dress your bump accordingly. Finding a cute (and comfy!) maternity dress for Easter may seem like an impossible task, but it’s worth the search.

A flattering maternity dress can make you feel feminine and proud to show off your baby bump. Best of all, you’ll be able to wear your Easter dress all through the spring out to lunches, baby showers, or afternoon errands in the warm weather. Whether you’re about to pop or just starting to show, you can still look and feel beautiful this Easter.

The most important thing when buying any item of clothing is knowing how to dress your body type. Of course, this is a time in your life where you feel like you may not recognize your body, but you can still determine what will make you look best. As a pregnant woman, bump size is the most important consideration. Be sure to dress true to your own personal style as well. Pregnancy shouldn’t take away from being the fashionista you usually are.

A maternity maxi dress is a great option and will be adorable on women of all sizes and in all trimesters. The added length and natural flow will allow for some forgiveness if needed, and will show off a first, second, or third-trimester belly with care. A maxi will work well for most women but not as well on the petite. Still, a maxi is a fantastic option for comfort and style.

Motherhood Maternity Printed Maxi Dress, cute Easter maternity dresses

Cute Easter maternity dresses are everywhere right now so you’re sure to see this option during your own Easter hunt. A floral print dress with a wrap-around sash will perfectly emphasize a large baby bump and is classically beautiful. This dress type will work well for everyone, too, but be sure to find one that is long enough. Sometimes that bump can cause your inseam to grow and this can cause a dress dilemma for taller ladies.

Ivory Multi-Color Floral Sash Tie Draped Back Maternity Dress, cute Easter maternity dresses
Maternity Oh Baby by Motherhood™ Print Fit & Flare Dress, cute Easter maternity dresses


Of course, there are more casual options other than floral for those who don’t want a dress that screams Easter, or maybe you want to avoid unwanted attention from emphasizing a large baby bump. Any pastel or light colored dress will be suitable for all Easter celebrations as long as you feel beautiful in it. Embrace the warmer weather and make your first spring purchase your very own cute Easter maternity dress.

Fit & Flare Tank Dress, cute Easter maternity dresses


The best choice is the one you feel your best in. Don’t think that because you’re pregnant you are destined  to live in frumpy, unflattering clothes for nine months. Cute Easter maternity dresses will prove to you, and anyone you see, that pregnancy can be both naturally beautiful and still fashionable if that’s your preference.

With a variety of patterns, prints, cuts, and designs there is a dress out there that will have you embrace your pregnancy with style. Show off that bump, big or small, and enjoy your Easter weekend with the prettiest dress you can find.


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