7 Father’s Day Presents for Expectant Fathers

While gifts for mom are often tender and sweet, Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers are usually funnier or practical.

Not that sweet gifts would not be appreciated by men, but such gifts are pretty soon going to flood the entire house. Why not get them something they can use and fully appreciate?

Even though mom has baby time months ahead of dad, once the little one arrives he will be met with great enthusiasm. It would be nice if the very first Father’s Day present were something that increased the pre-baby excitement even more for soon-to-be Dad.

So here are our suggestions for Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers.

  1. Personalized onesie with matching adult T-shirt.
matching t shirt for expecting fathers on father's day

Moms are not the only ones who get to play dress up with Baby. Dads can get in on the fun, too, with Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers. You can go with anything you want as a message, as long as they go together. You can buy ready-made items or you can be creative and use something you both can enjoy. If you have an inside joke in your family, little nicknames or other funny stuff to share, this would be a great way to make a gift personal.

  1. Is he a sports fan?
Father's Day presents for expectant fathers sports outfit for baby

Chances are that he is. In this case, even if Baby is too small to take part in any type of intense physical activity, he can still “sport” a, adorable pair of sport-jammies and keep dad company while he is rooting for his favorite team. Of all possible Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers, you know this is the one which will compromise the child’s future options for a favorite team once Dad has his heart set on turning the little one into a fan. But it’s still a good idea and it will make him happy!

  1. Personalized cufflinks.
cuff links for fathers on Father's Day presents

Cufflinks are an elegant option for whenever you need to mark something important in your life with a gift. As we see it, this will probably be one of the sweetest Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers. They are discreet, elegant, and contain a special message as each cufflink comes with its own message laser cut on wood. These messages can be personalized, giving them long-lasting, sentimental value. They can be worn closed so the message inside can remain a dear secret or a beautiful surprise.

  1. A Dad bag.
Father's Day presents daddy bag

It depends on you how much you want to invest in the accessories you will be using or on whether you can reuse them a few years later. But, whatever you decide on this, keep in mind that you cannot torment dad with pink baby bags that stand out, are too big, and impractical. Remember! He is not used to rummaging like you inside a big purse looking for one tiny item. This is why we suggest getting him a special Dad bag. They are stylish, well-designed with a lot of special compartments, and they will be good to carry around even when the child has grown. With this option, you get to check both practical as well as elegant off the list of expectations for Father’s Day Presents for expectant fathers.

  1. A man pouch.
Father's Day presents daddy pouch

Just like moms, dads will appreciate having free hands when they are carrying the baby. This is why we chose to include the men carrier jacket on our list of Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers. They are practical, sporty, and they keep both Dad and Baby warm and dry. No more need to take the stroller when all you want is a brief walk around the block!

Or, get Dad and Baby started on their shared workouts with the following unique gifts:

  1. A pool subscription for two.
Father's Day presents subscription to a pool

Dad may be anxious to get junior out in the backyard to play ball or some other type of sport, but little does he know that there is one type of physical activity he can enjoy with baby sooner than later: swimming. After just coming out of a liquid environment, babies find it natural to be immersed in water again and they wildly enjoy it. It will be great and it will give them a chance to bond. Just keep in mind the risks of exposing Baby to too much chlorine before making swimming a daily occurance.

  1. The gift of … still being able to take the family for a hike
Father's Day presents baby backpack

We’ve looked high and low and we’ve noticed that nothing makes outdoor lovers happier than keeping up their passion for hiking even when the child is very young. This is why hiking baby carriers are the best! They are extra padded so that baby is protected and tightly secured with belts and straps, each model varying in design. Still looking for the most perfect Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers? Give him the gift of movement and of freedom in nature, shared with the family!

Why are Father’s Day presents for expectant fathers so important? Because it’s probably the first time Dad will be pampered and appreciated for being a Dad.


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