Fun and Creative Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

The news that you are expecting is something every couple trying to conceive looks forward to, and there are lots of creative ways to create Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements.

This holiday is also a great opportunity to spread some joy among your family members and friends. That feeling when you finally see the positive result on a pregnancy test is perhaps the most exciting moment of your life. Most people can’t wait to tell everyone and spread the news that they are going to have a baby.

For all of you expecting a baby and looking for fun, Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements, here are a few creative ideas for you.

Put your baby’s ultrasound picture in a frame

One of the ways you could announce your pregnancy is by framing baby’s ultrasound photo and placing it in your living room. When your friends and family gather for Mother’s Day, make sure to catch who is going to notice the photo first.

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Write a message on balloons

Here is one of the most adorable Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements. Write the news on the balloons, and as you start blowing the balloons in front of your family and friends, watch as they get surprised by the message written on them. Just be careful not to blow too much air. You don’t want the balloons to pop before everyone is able to read the message about your pregnancy!

ways to announce pregnancy on mothers day write on a balloon

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Print the news on a t-shirt

Another interesting idea is to print the news on a t-shirt. You can already find plenty of fun maternity t-shirts out there, such as those with the messages “baby loading”, “mom to be”, “coming soon”, etc. You could even go for those t-shirts with an image of a baby popping out of your belly. Instead of choosing pre-made ones, you could always print out your own custom message on a t-shirt which you will wear on Mother’s Day to announce your pregnancy.

ways to announce pregnancy on mothers day t shirt

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Ask your children to participate in the announcement

If you already have children, ask them to participate in this exciting announcement. You could go for placing a pair of new shoes among the shoes of your family members. Everyone will notice you have an extra pair. Also, you could print out t-shirts with an original message, such as “I’m a big brother/sister.”, “Brother/Sister in training.” and others. Check out this funny photo where even the pet participates.

ways to announce pregnancy on mothers day with kids

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An even simpler solution is to write the message about your pregnancy on a piece of paper. Once your family members or friends are all seated, have your children come in wearing a piece of paper each. Strike through the “youngest child” text and add “middle” below it, to announce that your family will soon be having an additional member.

ways to announce pregnancy on mothers day kids using signs

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Decorate desserts to share the news

If you’re not too impatient, you could leave the news for the end of the lunch you are hosting on Mother’s Day and share the news by decorating desserts. You could make pink-colored cupcake icing with pink sprinkles to announce that you’re expecting a girl, or use the blue color for a boy. Announcing the news early on in the pregnancy might mean you’re not sure whether you’re having a boy or a girl yet. So, you could use cream to write a message “We’re expecting” on the cookies instead.

In case you plan on having a cake for lunch on Mother’s Day, this could also be a fun way to announce your pregnancy. Get creative with the icing and the decorations in order to proudly announce the exciting news. Here is one example of how you can decorate a cake to announce that you are expecting a baby.

ways to announce pregnancy on mothers day cake

Which one of these ideas do you like the most? Do you have any ideas for some super fun Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements? Please share in the comments below!


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