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Funny Pregnant Halloween Costumes!

Tired of the same old pregnant Halloween costumes?

Below are some funny pregnant Halloween costumes for you!

Whether you want to paint your belly, match your costume with you partner, or DIY, we hope the below photos will get your creative juices flowing.

Funny Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Bun in the oven

Okay, this one’s a classic yet always funny. Use a cardboard box as an oven for Momma to slip into. Include a window to show off the “bun” inside the oven. Using body paint, you can paint hot cross buns, a loaf of bread, or even pizza! Just don’t forget to dress Daddy up as the chef.

bun-in-the-oven funny pregnant halloween costumes

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Your little sunshine

Before you welcome your little sunshine into the world, try out this solar system costume. The sun is, of course, the center of it all! You can either create a sun on top of the sweater or, if the weather is too warm, paint the sun with body paint onto your belly. Either way, the message is clear. Your little sunshine is already the center of your universe!

solar-system funny pregnant halloween costumes

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Priest Costume

Beach party

Just because it’s October doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely beach party. Besides a summery look with shorts and a top, all you need is some body paint to paint a beach ball on your belly. If you’d like baby’s daddy to accompany you with a matching costume, he could be a surfer.

beach-party funny pregnant halloween costumes

Ball of yarn

Instead of going to the party as pregnant cat woman, go as a cat holdin a ball of yarn! Now that’s funny! When you’re making the ball of yarn, you could use pink or blue color to hint the gender of the baby. This would be a great opportunity for gender reveal this Halloween.

ball-yarn funny pregnant halloween costumes

BB-8 (Baby-8) Star Wars

Are you a fan of Star Wars? If yes, here’s an amazing idea for a movie-inspired pregnant Halloween costume. Paint your belly in the style of a robot inspired by the famous Star Wars film. Or just draw the robot on a snug t-shirt. As you’re expecting the latest sequel of the movie and your bundle of joy to arrive, you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun at this year’s Halloween party with this original costume.

star-wars funny pregnant halloween costumes

Mario and Luigi

There’s no time to waste! The princess waits to be rescued by her hero – Mario! As Halloween approaches, you don’t need to waste a lot of time to find a perfect costume to wear. A red (or green) plain t-shirt and hat is all it takes to recreate the look of well-known video game heroes Mario and Luigi. The adventure is guaranteed for these two popular game characters. Don’t forget fake mustaches to make this look even more authentic!

mario-luigi funny pregnant halloween costumes

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Skeletons are everywhere

Just like we can’t imagine Halloween without pumpkins, we can imagine this holiday without skeletons either. If you want this to be the theme of your costume, here’s a cool idea for you when pregnant. A t-shirt with skeletons can show the small baby skeleton on your belly. This couple had a great idea for dad to join in, but instead of a precious baby, Dad’s got pizza and beer in his belly. This is a great idea if you want to wear matching costumes.

skeletons-everywhere funny pregnant halloween costumes

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Candy time

When we talk about funny pregnant Halloween costume ideas, we have to mention this one. It’s just adorable! All you need is a plain white t-shirt and loads of small puffy balls that look like round candies in the candy machine. Use them to cover up your entire belly. You can either stitch or glue the balls to the t-shirt. Since one of the major traditions for Halloween is trick-or-treating, why not dress up as some treats? As you go on to welcome the kids ringing the doorbell, don’t forget to bring actual candy treats with you. And beware of the kids poking at your belly!

gumball machine funny pregnant halloween costumes

Bump ahead

Is there a better way to proudly show off your baby bump than with a huge yellow “Caution Bump Ahead” or “Baby Under Construction” sign? Unlike those popular costumes that you need to book weeks in advance, this is one of the funny pregnant Halloween costumes perfect for you to make at home and wear when pregnant. You and your partner can have matching costumes featuring worn out jeans, white t-shirts, and construction hats. Instead of hammers, measuring tape and other construction tools, your tool belt will be packed with diapers, bottles, and pacifiers. After all, these are the tools mommies can’t imagine their day without.

construction zone funny pregnant halloween costumes

Witch’s cauldron

Halloween tends to bring out all the witch and ghost costumes. In fact, it’s impossible to imagine a Halloween party without at least one witch! Even though you’re pregnant, why can’t you be a witch as well? Take a look at this adorable costume, with belly being the witch’s bubbling cauldron. We all know what’s cooking inside.

witch stew funny pregnant halloween costumes

Hopefully, these funny pregnant Halloween costume ideas will inspire you to be creative and come up with your own amazing Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween!


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