10 Amazing Pregnancy Easter Gift Ideas

A pregnancy gift on Easter may not be all that common, but an opportunity to pamper your pregnant wife sounds good to us!

Christmas tends to receive center stage for gift-giving, but your pregnant wife deserves to be pampered all the time! Why not give her a pregnancy gift at Easter? A sweet treat for your sweetheart will make your Easter extra special!

Here’s how to get started:

  • Pick up a cute, little (or big!) Easter basket for your pregnant wife and prepare it with lots of love!
  • Order some Easter grass (on Amazon [amazon_textlink text=’here‘ asins=’B07PD2H8G7′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbpreping-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b875214b-ffd9-11e8-90e8-7998466e1f89′]), or purchase some at your local craft store like Jo Anne’s or Michaels.
  • Find some Easter eggs (on Amazon here) and cute little basket decorations (don’t forget to personalize it!).

Quick tip: Jo Anne’s and Michaels have tons of adorable things to fill your basket. If you shop there, download their apps to receive free coupons! They almost always have 40% off regular item coupons.

Finally, purchase one or more of these lovely gift ideas for your pregnant wife, fill that Easter basket, and set it out at the foot of your bed, outside the bedroom door, or on the table for Easter morning. She will feel your love radiating!

Here are ten great ideas for a pregnancy gift on Easter:

1. Sundress

sun dress pregnancy gift on easter
source: TeAnna Lynn Photography

When purchasing any maternity clothes for your wife, first check her closet and see what size she was pre-pregnancy. If she was small, then purchase maternity clothes in small. The size remains the same. You can order maternity sundresses online at these amazing stores:

Motherhood Maternity

Take a look at our list of Cute Easter maternity dresses for every trimester!

2. Couple & maternity photoshoot

photoshoot pregnancy gift on Easter
source: corinnemccombs.com

Most women love taking photos with their families! Often, it’s the husband who goes into a photo shoot with his teeth gritted and attitude soured. If your wife loves pictures, this gift means instant success! Find a local photographer and ask him or her to print out a gift certificate for you to include in the Easter basket.

3. Jewelry

pregnancy jewelry, pregnancy gift on Easter
source: www.olivialeighphotoart.com

You can never go wrong with jewelry. Every woman is different and has different tastes, but long necklaces are especially great during pregnancy. They elongate the body, and are slimming while beautifully accentuating her curves!

Etsy has some great jewelry!

4. A big bouquet of flowers and a candle

flowers, bouquet, pregnancy gift on Easter
source: www.whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com

Find a beautiful bouquet at your local farmer’s market or florist, then purchase a great smelling candle (or multiple!) to continue the fragrance long after the flowers lose their scent.

5. Sun hat

sun hat Easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: www.spearmintbaby.com

Sun hats are great fun and so beautiful! They are perfect for spring and summer. Your pregnant wife would look beautiful sporting one!

Etsy and Target have great options for you to choose from that you may have trouble picking just one.

6. Saturday or Sunday brunch

brunch, breakfast Easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: www.pinterest.com

Brunch is always a good treat. Put your phones away and make it a sweet date.

7. Spa day

spa day Easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: www.seagatespa.com

Book a spa day for your pregnant wife (if she’d enjoy it). Get the whole package…manicure, pedicure, a shoulder massage, and whatever else is available! The experience will be pure bliss.

8. Full body massage (be sure those feet are included!)

massage Easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: www.brooklynheightsprenatal.com

We guarantee your pregnant wife will love this gift. Her body is aching in ways she never knew possible and her ligaments are loosening as the baby grows inside of her. Her muscles are tired and she is more exhausted than she has ever been! A massage is a true treat.

9. Her favorite candy (salted caramel chocolate seems to be a great choice)

sweets for Easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: pinterest.com

It must be something about the salty/sweet combination that appeals to pregnant women, but salted caramel chocolate seems to be popular with the expectant ladies. Lots of sugar isn’t great during pregnancy, but as a small pregnancy gift on Easter, it’s perfect. Don’t let her miss out on all that chocolate going around!

10. Essential oils & diffuser

essential oils for easter gifts for pregnant wife
source: www.zaq.com

There are plenty of essential oils on the market recommended for pregnancy. Order a diffuser from Amazon and some essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, peppermint, or any relaxing blends. Anyone of these oils is great for pregnancy and labor!

Be sure to begin thinking of what to get your pregnant wife for Easter as a gift now, and order/purchase it as soon as possible to ensure you have time to put it together perfectly!

Go, Dad!


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