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Fun Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Halloween

Holidays are a perfect family time and opportunity to show true festive spirit, even when pregnant.

That’s why you should start off the holiday season right with Halloween! Not into costumes? No worries. We have some fun pregnant belly painting ideas for Halloween for you!

Use your belly instead of canvas and show off some pregnant belly art!

The trend of painting the pregnant belly has increasingly become popular with social media where you get to brag about your pregnancy along with creatively painted belly pictures that will grab a lot of attention.

As the pregnancy progresses, your belly will become more and more prominent and this might make finding Halloween costumes for your pregnant belly a bit of a challenge. Instead of looking for a costume, check out some of the photos below to find inspiration for your own pregnant belly art.

If you’re wondering how to paint pregnant belly for Halloween, the first thing you’re going to need is body paint. This is a temporary color that will allow you to paint on your belly using the color combinations of your choice.

Make sure it’s non-toxic and chemical free so your body doesn’t absorb any unwanted chemicals.

You’ll also need a large mirror if you’re painting yourself, or someone who’s going to do the painting for you. The second is a much more convenient option. You can just lie down and watch as your belly become a lovely work of art.

Here are some Fun Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Halloween


Although carving a pumpkin to create Jack-o’-lantern is the most popular practice for Halloween, that is certainly not the only way to recreate this famous symbol of the holiday. Take a look at this cool painting of the Jack-o’-lantern on a belly. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Halloween, especially if you’re celebrating it with your family, as they won’t resist touching the belly and feeling the baby inside kicking. All you need is orange body paint and a little bit of black or yellow for the eyes and mouth.

Halloween Belly Painting, Halloween Pregnancy Painting Ideas, Pumpkin


Little Pumpkin

As you’re eager to welcome your little pumpkin into this world with lots of cuddles and kisses, here’s an interesting idea for painted bellies. Use body paint to paint a pumpkin on your belly. The painting will look amazing if you’re already in your third trimester because you’ll have a noticeable little pumpkin to show off. In order to complete this fall-inspired look, add a wreath made of leaves and a mask to match the colors, and you’ll have an amazing outfit this Halloween.

Halloween Belly Painting, Halloween while Pregnant

Couple’s costume

If you’re attending a Halloween party as a couple, you two could coordinate your outfits and make painting your pregnant belly a part of the look. While your partner can put on a regular Halloween costume, you should take advantage of your protruding belly and paint an image on it. Here’s one  option: you could be the basketball referee with your belly painted to represent a ball, while your partner could wear a jersey of his favorite team.

Couples Pregnant Halloween Belly Painting


Speaking of couple’s costume ideas for Halloween, here’s an adorable matching outfit for an expectant mom and her daughter with matching pumpkin paintings on their bellies. It’s a great way for an older sibling to show support for mom and the baby.

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Mom and Daughter Halloween Costumes

Baby’s coming

This image may take a bit more time and skill, but it’s a really cool baby announcement! Use your belly to represent an egg that’s cracking open. Don’t forget the little hands and feet poking out. To share the gender of the baby, add a pink or blue bow or some colored stars around the egg.

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Halloween Costumes, Pregnancy


Halloween nightmare

When it comes to painted pregnant bellies for Halloween, pumpkin is a common theme. However, it doesn’t have to be boring! With some artistic skill and creativity, you can have an amazing Halloween-themed image on your belly. Just check out the one below!

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Halloween Costumes, Pregnancy, Maternity Costumes

Pumpkin belly

Again we have a great idea that involves painting a pumpkin on your belly. However, instead of painting a carved pumpkin on your belly, use black color to paint a shape of your baby. It’s kind of like your ultrasound in a pumpkin! You could even use your latest ultrasound image as a model. In the spirit of Halloween, make sure you add a couple of bats or spiders around the pumpkin. This will make pregnant belly art perfect part of your Halloween outfit.

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Halloween Costumes, Pregnancy


Scary Halloween

Halloween is all about scary ghosts and creatures of the night. Consider this theme when painting your belly for Halloween. You could go for a very simple drawing, one you could easily do yourself. A simple painting with only black and white is more than enough for a Halloween celebration.

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Nightmare Before Christmas Belly Painting, Pregnancy, Maternity

Monster’s in the house

Although parents-to-be like to imagine their babies as the cutest creatures on the planet, in the spirit of the holiday here’s how to paint a monster on your growing belly. Experiment with different colors, paint your hands as a part of the costume, or dress up to complete the look of the Halloween monster.

Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting, Halloween Costumes


Painting your pregnant belly is a great way to celebrate Halloween, highlighting proudly your baby bump which is due soon. All you need is a bit of effort and creativity.

There are plenty of pregnant belly painting ideas for Halloween you can try out! If you have more ideas for our readers, please share in the comments!

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